Tony Elumelu collect Belgium award, Officer in di Order of Leopold wey be di kontri most important National honorary award

Tony Elumelu don gbab Belgium most important National honorary award of Officer in di Order of Leopold,

Di CEO of Tony Elumelu Foundation announce am on twitter say im dey humbled to get dis award base on di work wey im dey do to help entrepreneurs across Africa

He also tok say im go continue to dey drive di economic empowerment of brilliant young entrepreneurs across di continent to encourage development for Africa.

Di Africa business icon bin dey di list of Times magazine most influential pipo in di world earlier dis year for di Tony Elumelu Foundation work to help young entrepreneurs for Africa to fit grow dia dream.

Di entrepreneurship programme wey start for 2015 na di biggest of im kind for di continent.

Wetin di order of Leopold mean?

Di Order of Leopold na one of di three current Belgian national honorary orders of knighthood. Na di oldest and highest order of Belgium and dem name am afta im founder; King Leopold I.

E get military, maritime and civil division category.

Who dey collect dis award?

Di maritime division award na only for personnel of di merchant navy.

Di military division na for di military personnel.

Di civil division na for ogbonge pipo wey don contribute to national development in one way or the oda.

To become member, na ony di through di Royal order of King Philipe of di Belgians and dem dey only give di most important Belgian kontri men or to foreign nationals wey don contribute to di Belgian military, di Belgian society and di Belgian state.