UAE Golden Visa: How to get Dubai 10-year residency visa with graduate school degree, Doctor of Philosophy and oda qualifications

Immigration control for Dubai international airport

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Di United Arab Emirate announce say dem don approve 10-year Golden Visa to all PHD holders for di kontri.

Di Vice President and di Prime Minister of UAE, Sheikh Mohammed announce am on twitter on Sunday say dem go also grant di Golden Visa to top graduates from UAE accredited universities wey get GPA of 3.8 and above.

Oda experts wey dey base for UAE like physicians go also fit get UAE Golden Visa.

See di categories of pipo wey fit get 10-year Golden Visa for UAE

If you be engineer for;

  • Computer science,
  • Electronics
  • Programming,
  • Electricity
  • Biotechnology

If you be specialist for;

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big data
  • Virology
  • Epidemiology

If you also be high school top graduates, you and your family go get 10-year Golden Residency.



Benefit of UAE Golden Visa

E go allow individuals stay for di kontri for 10 years, and dem fit also renew di visa.

E go allow pesin get jobs, work and do business for di UAE within di 10 years.

Golden card holders fit travel freely as e no get minimum requirement for staying in di UAE.

Wit UAE Golden Visa, your family fit benefit to come visit you or even get dia own Golden Residency Visa.

How to study for UAE

Apply to any school of your choice.

To get visa to study for di UAE, you go need a sponsor wey dey live for di kontri.

If you no get any relatives or contacts for di UAE, di university wey dey offer you a place go usually do am for you.

You fit apply for your visa online, but no be guarantee say dem go accept you even if you get a sponsor.

How much to study for UAE

Tuition fees for di UAE dey different across di kontri depending on di university, location, level of study and course.

For example, for Dubai, wey be di UAE most expensive city, school fees for an undergraduate program na between 10,000USD to 20,000 USD per year and one postgraduate program na between 15,000USD to 20,000USD per year.

But dis amount no be di same for all di Universities and oda part of di kontri.

How to study in UAE for free

Apply to any UAE university of your choice wey dey offer scholarship for dia website. Make sure say you meet dia basic score requirement and also get good test scores for SAT/ACT for undergraduate programs, GRE for graduate programs, and TOEFL/IELTS for all international students .

You fit also apply for goment scholarship to UAE schools for your kontri meeting di basic requirements.

Look out for scholarship from private sector. E get companies wey dey offer scholarship to students to go study for UAE schools, dis na another opportunity.