Cardi B say why she reconcile with Offset for di second time

Cardi B and Offset dey kiss

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Rapper, Cardi B don tok why she return back to her husband, Offset afta she file divorce case for court one month ago.

She tok dis one afta she announce say she don reconcile with her husband of three years. She say na because dem don siddon tok about am.

Pipo start to call out her relationship say she dey “mentally abusive relationship” afta she tok for instagram live say she don reconcile with her pikin papa.

But she hit dem back say, “Twitter pipo be like, ‘you dey mentally abusive relationship, make we save you’ and go dey like ‘but I go fit sleep with am sha, because me I need sex’.”

She explain say, she and Offset bin tok about dia relationship and tins wey dem wan change for dia. She explain say her and Offset dey normal relationship and with ups and downs wey dem go need face because dem marry young.

Rumours say dem don reconcile comot afta dem spend Cardi B birthday party togeda and im buy am Rolls Royce.

She later comot to say she don reconcile with am because she “bin dey miss my best friend.”

Na wen di kata-kata start to dey burst about di kind of relationship wey she get with her husband, na im make she say make pipo no chook mouth because “dem no dey live with me for my house.”

Di mata of her divorce comot afta she file di case, even as she say pipo for no sabi wetin bin dey happun if court no release am, tori be say she neva comot am.

Dis na di second time, di couple three year marriage don threaten to fall apart afta 2018, wey Cardi B leave Offset on top cheating accuse.

Cardi B and Offset marry for private ceremony for September 2017.

However, Cardi B don warn pipo say make dem stay out of her personal mata, say di craze pesin wey she be before, na di same craze wey she still get till now.