Nobel Peace Prize 2020: UN World Food Programme collect di 2020 accolade

People carry boxes of food aid wey UN World Food Programme give for one refugee camp for Ain Issa, Syria


UN World Food Programme (WFP) don win di Nobel Peace Prize for 2020 for dia effort in fighting hunger

Di Norwegian Nobel Committee say di WFP bin act “as driving force in efforts to prevent di use of hunger as weapon of war and conflict”.

Di prize worth 9m Swedish krona (£786,000; $1m).

Dem announce di 101st winner of di prize for di Norwegian Nobel Institute for Oslo.

WFP say dem dey “deeply humbled”

“Dis na in recognition of di work of WFP staff wey dey put dia lives on di line every day to bring food and assistance to more dan 100 million hungry children, women and men across di world,” dem tok ontop twitter.

Na 211 individuals and 107 organisations dem nominate for di prize dis year.

Di World Health Organization and climate activist Greta Thunberg dey among di favourites to win dis year.

Who be di past Nobel Peace Prize winners?

Di Nobel Peace Prize last year go to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, whose peace deal with Eritrea end di 20-year military palava afta di 1998-2000 border war.

Former US President Barack Obama win di prize for 2009, for “im extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and co-operation between peoples”.

Other notable winners include former US President Jimmy Carter (2002); child education activist Malala Yousafzai (she share am 2014); the European Union (2012); di United Nations and im secretary-general at di time, Kofi Annan, (dem share am 2001); and Mother Teresa (1979).

See how dem announce dis year winner:

Di Nobel Prize na one of di world most important awards.

Dem start am in line with di will of Swedish inventor Alfred Nobel, dem give out di first award for 1901.

Di Nobel Prizes na something dem dey awarded in several categories to pipo “wey give di greatest benefit to humankind” in di previous 12 months.

Berit Reiss-Andersen na im announce di winner for Oslo


Anybody wey collect di Nobel Prize dem dey receive three tins:

  • Nobel diploma, each of dem na unique work of art
  • Nobel medal
  • Cash prize, if more dan one winner dey, dem go share between dem. Dem get to deliver lecture to receive di money

E get some years wen dem no award di prize – mostly during di two world wars.

Nobel Foundation rules tok say if nobody deserve di prize in any particular category, dem no go give di award and dem go keep di prize money for di following year.