Sabon sarkin Zazzau: Ahmed Nuhu Bamalli, di New Emir of Zazzau Zaria and di Kaduna tradition di emirate must obey to crown am

E no longer be news say Zazzau Emirates for Kaduna northern Nigeria don get new Emir HRH Ahmad Nuhu Bamalli after di former one Shehu Idris die on 20th September 2020.

BBC contact pesin wey get chieftaincy title for Zazzau Emirates Alhaji Aliyu Nuhu Bamalli wey be ‘Zuman Zazzau’ and elder brother to new Emir to tell us some traditional things wey go happun to new Emir before e enta palace.

  • Council of chiefs to pay homage and bow– According to chief Aliyu dis dey happun on di first day wey dem appoint new Emir, every member of the chief council wey Hausa dey call ‘Majalisar Sarki’ must go to di new Emir to pay homage and bow to am as sign of welcoming and respect.

“Dis na di first thing, every chief wey be member of the palace must go pay homage to new Emir with di usual bowing to welcome new Emir and show say dem dey respect and welcome am.”

  • No go enter palace until after coronation– Di Zuman Zazzau tell BBC say anoda thing be say di new Emir no go enter palace or siddon for Emir chair until after coronation when e go enter palace with Zazzau Emirates staff of office and a flag wey represent di Emirates.

“So all dis days new Emir no go enter palace or siddon for wia Emir dey siddon until after im swearing in wia e go collect staff of office and di Zazzau flag to show say e don accept responsibility of all Zazzau pipo na from dia e go enter or siddon for chair as Emir.”

  • Coronation must happen for Zaria– According to Chief Nuhu unlike oda places wey coronation of new Emir dey happun for state capital for Zazzau no be so as every Emir in history was sworn in for Zaria and not Kaduna wey be state capital.

“We for Zazzau Emirates na for Zaria di coronation and everything dey happun and not Kaduna wey be state capital, di govnor and every oda pesin go come here for di events wey go happun.”

“Presently committee of about 11 pipo although we wan increase di number dey work hard to prepare di events to bring in HRH Ahmad Nuhu Bamalli as new Zazzau Emir.”