Naira Marley police SARS Instagram live: Nigerian musician and force PRO ‘chat’ afta e cancel protest against killing and brutality

Nigerian musician Naira Marley do Instagram live with police afta e cancel protest e suppose lead on Tuesday ontop police brutality.

Dis wan na afta Nigerians for social media begin dey react differently afta singer, Naira Marley cancel di peace protest wey im bin call citizens to join am do today.

Naira Marley and di force PRO Frank Mba na im do di live tok about di case of police brutality and di concerns of young Nigerians on di issues of SARS operations and oda burning issues.

Ogbonge singer Naira Marley ask Nigeria Police force to stop to dey harass youths wey dem see wit dada or mini skirt.

Marley wey say no be fear make am stop to protest but na safety of pipo and police initial statement make am stop ad say all dem want from di goment be say make SARS only dey come out wen robbery dey happun and no be always.

E say dem need all SARS officials to wear uniform and dey use dia branded car.

Frank Mba for im answer say di police dey proactive and dem no wait for di youth to enta di street before dem take action.

E say if man chose to braid im hair or carry dreadlock di police must respect im right and dignity and no wia dey for di law for police officers to harass di pipo wey carry dread.

E say no be crime for civilian to record policeman but make dem do with care and sense wen dem feel say di officer dey cross di line.

On Monday, Naira Marley bin tweet say make dem come out to join am protest against police brutality and SARS issues wey dey trouble di youths of di kontri. E say make dem gada for second toll gate for Lekki and make di protest go on peacefully without fight, stealing and vandalism.

Later, di singer come tweet say no protest again because a lot of changes don happun concerning di police brutality and SARS palava. E come give di kontri authorities one week to see make sure say di changes dey if not mass protest go happun.

Immediately Naira Marley cancel di protest, Twitter come catch fire with plenti tweets from Nigerian youth plus those wey call demsef Marlians- dat na followers of Naira Marley.

Some pipo for twitter begin drag Naira Marley like generator on top say dem dey disappointed with im decision, odas dey praise am while some odas just dey neutral.

Meanwhile di Nigeria police force don begin calm down di youths for di kontri say everi-everi go dey alright and promise to address di SARS palava plus odas.

Di leadership of di police force say dem go work with di Ministry of Youth and oda stakeholders, including Youth leaders, youth entrepreneurs, CSOs and odas to formulate and implement consensual reforms.