Erica Nlewedim and Laycon Big Brother Naija: Erica open up on Laycon genotype, as Dorothy, Nengi, Vee, Neo tok how dem feel say Olamilekan Agbelesebiobaas win BBNaija 2020

Days afta dem crown Laycon as winner of di BBNaija lockdown edition, Erica post a video on her page to address di issue of Laycon genotype.

Erica say she no sabi say Laycon na SC. For di video Erica also regret drinking too much for Biggie house (Scroll down to watch di video interview here).

“I don see a lot of pipo dey tok for internet say I know about Laycon genotype and I use am against am.

I be very emotional pesin, e no get anytime wey I don ever use wetin anybody tell me against dem.

Laycon neva tell me say im be SC, im sabi say im neva tell me dat,

To me Laycon dey very fine and I bin dey under di influence of alcohol wen everything wey happun for di house happun.” Erica tok to address her fight wit Laycon for di house.

On Tuesday, di top five contestants grant dia first interview wit di host of di BBNaija show, Ebuka, wia dem tok about dia dia times on di show, big moments and reveal some oda things about Laycon as di winner of di show.

Nengi, Dorothy, Vee and Neo tok about Laycon winning di show.

Wetin Dorothy, Nengi, Vee, Neo tok as Laycon win BBNaija Season 5 TV Reality?

Nengi follow Ebuka tok say, she don see Laycon as di winner of di show tey-tey

“Maybe week 6, thereabout, I don no say na im go win, I tell Dorothy for bathroom say na im go win.”

Wen Ebuka ask her wetin she see, Nengi say “I feel say im get a lot of fans and during di party, I see say dem dey hail am and I get strong instinct.”

Nengi add am say she like Laycon kind of pesin, say im dey really caring.

Vee say she bin dey expect to be di first pesin to dey evicted out of di top five housemates.

Before di eviction show, Vee wey be close friend wit Laycon for di house don already tell Big brother say if she no get di chance to win di show, she see Laycn as di winner of di show.

So e no come as surprise to her to see Laycon winning di show.

Neo say im bin dey disappointed say im no win di show but wen im realise say na Laycon win am im dey happy.

“I no go lie, I bin think about di money, but wen I come hear say na my guy win di money , dat thing change, na double happiness for me.” Neo tok for im interview wit Ebuka.

Dorothy say she bin see herself win di show after dem evict Vee, Neo and Nengi and e remain only her and Laycon

But she say she no dey disappointed say she no win di show.

“I bin think say na Neo go win di money sake of im energy for di house and I bin judge based on di previous editions of di show.” she tok.

Dorothy no expect say Laycon go win but she no dey disappointed say she no win.

Watch dis video as Erica regret drinking too much for Biggie house:

Erica: ‘M nweta ohere ịlaghachị ụlọ ‘Big Brother’ agaghị m aṅụbiga mmanya oke’
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