Bamenda shooting: Weti we know about de attack weh e kill police, wound odas

Street wey don empty


Shooting don continue for some parts for Bamenda di morning afta separatists kill policeman, five pipo wound as goment forces fight back, di shoot any how.

Dr. Denis Nsame, Director for Bamenda Regional Hospital tell BBC Pidgin say na one die bodi dey for mortuary.

Five pipo wound, one ngondere about 20 years wound seriously as bullet enta komot for her buttocks and deh operate e. De rest of de pipo weh deh get minor wounds go back for house.

Panic bin dey Bamenda for September 1, afta separatists shoot and kill policeman, goment forces komot di shoot at any how.

Tori na say separatist fighters shoot policeman weh e bi on-top bike, spread bullets on police for control for around Catholic Church for small Makon.

Goment forces later hear say deh kill dia colleague, deh start shoot, burn motor-cycle, spoil pipo dia cargo, force pipo for leave market.

Street wey don empty


Victorine, woman weh e go buy chop for Commercial Avenue, tell BBC pidgin say e bi na black day shooting start around 3:00pm.

“Afta ah change place weh a bi di go, as driver tell weh say town no fine, a reach commercial avenue no no say na de centre for trouble.

As ah buy fruits, just some minutes afta shooting start, all man di run. we enta market, pikin dem weh deh di hawk bin di fall as pipo di run pass, dia tray di fly up for all side.

Wit de tension ah feel laik for pi and poo na so ah try go for public toilet, still wit gunshots.

As ah wan kam back, deh say military say make all man komot for market, na so we di waka wit wa hands up.

We trek sotei reach for old town before ah pay bike, FCFA 1000 ($2) distance weh ah di pay FCFA 200 for normal taim” victorine tok.

De killing for police officer di kam some days afta army for dia six-day operation kill about 17 separatists, arrest seven for Fundong sub-division.

General Nka Valere say make military di respect human rights. But some kontri pipo don identify dia relatives weh deh arrest say no deh no bi separatists, and how military di arrest pipo any how.

Rights groups record plenti violations, killings, burning of houses, unlawful arrests, looting, blackmail … for Anglophone regions between May and August.

Agbor Balla, Director Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa, get eye witnesses for army attack Upper Bonduma for Buea, Southwest region, kill four civilians for May, 28.

Anglophone crisis go enta four years for October, and more dan 3000 pipo don die, 600,000 pipo turn IDPs for oda town and population don tight for middle fighting between army and separatist fighters.