Cameroon crisis: Anglophone teachers react for governor e plan for implement no work no pay policy

School for centre region of Cameroon


Northwest authorities wan implement no work no pay policy for civil servants, one group for civil servants, teachers di worry say de decision go affect dem pass as deh bi target for separatist fighters.

Adolphe Lele L’Afrique, Governor for Northwest don declare say goment go suspend salary for any civil servant weh e no di go work because of de crisis.

Teachers di worry because dia situation serious, deh bi target for separatists if deh get for go teach, or invigilate and mark exams.

Recently, separatists bin kidnap teacher weh eh bi wan go invigilate exams kill anoda teacher troway e die bodie inside wata for Bamenda.

“Separatists don warn me, deh say if ah laik ma life, make ah no kam near school again”, Martha, teacher Santa for Northwest region tell BBC Pidgin.

Teachers di live na inside fear, separatists fit kidnap or even kill if deh suspect say teacher di go teach, e add.

We no fit travel freely especially wen teaching as profession dey for identity card, for fear say separatists go kidnap, Malta tori.

“We di hide we identity for community, say we bi teachers, even dress laik pipo weh e di go farm den take clothes go change before we enta school or exams centre”.

So if goment wan suspend salary say we no di go work, we go really suffer, for feed we families, pay hospital bills, Martha tok.

‘Between de devil and de deep blue seas’

More than 18 teachers don die in connection wit de crisis, and some di break down slowly afta deh kidnap dem from psychological trauma, Valentine Tameh president for Cameroon teacher’s union tell BBC Pidgin.

“We don bi trapped between devil and deep blue sea, separatists di stop teachers weh deh wan teach, deh di harass dem”, Tameh add.

For tok about teachers don bi laik taboo, but we get for sensitise teachers for know weti deh represent and stand for tin weh e bi positive.

Tameh say e no di support slash, but teachers for private sector di still survive since weh de crisis start deh no get salary all taim.

E no gree wit some teachers weh dhe say authorities wan victimise dem. Some teachers don find place shiddon di get salary weh deh no work, Tameh tok.

Goment no fit guarantee security for all man, and teachers need for bi social and community conscience.

School for Yaounde


For de teacher’s association boss, some schools no open but delegates and principals dey around di try for see how deh fit keep de flame alive. We no fit get free society weh if pikin dem no go school.

Make goment too do own for support wit security but teachers get for make effort for reach pipo. If we ask de right kweshions, teachers, community and goment, den solution fit komot, Tameh tok.

Teachers don suffer since Anglophone crisis weh e start for 2016 turn to fight between goment and separatist forces. According to UN, about 600000 pikin dem don komot for school.