Northern Cyprus: Wetin you suppose know about dis kontri wey Nigeria dey tell students to avoid

Northern Cyprus

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Northern Cyprus no get intrnational recognition

Abike Dabiri-Erewa, oga of di Nigerians in Diaspora Commission don comot say make Nigerians avoid to dey go school for Northern Cyprus afta di death of one 25-year-old Ibrahim Khaleel Bello wey go dia to study Engineering.

She tok dis one as she meet Hon. Justice Amina Ahmad Bello, di mama of di Nigerian student wey die wey come give am petition on di death of her pikin for di kontri.

For statement wey NIDCOM release, oga Bello na only one of about 100 students wey don die for di kontri and di kontri no do anytin about am.

Madam Dabiri-Erewa join call for justice for di Nigerian students wey don die for dia.

How Ibrahim Bello take die?

According to Ibrahim mama Hon. Justice Bello, authorities for di kontri bin try hide di reason for im death.

Dis na as di University tok say im death na suicide mission for report but she tok say nothing dey to show say her pikin commit suicide.

She even accuse di kontri say e possible say dem comot some organs from her son body as her pikin stomach be like something wey dem sew close wen dem release im body give am.

She also reveal say her pikin call am a day before im die say make dem comot am from di place or else dem go just kill am troway.

Tori be say na about 120,000 students from different parts of di world dey go school for di kontri.

Wetin you suppose know about Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus

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Northern Cyprus no get intrnational recognition

Dem no get international recognition

Northern Cyprus (aka Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) na defacto state of di nation of Cyprus afta Turkey invade di area for 1974.

Dat one mean say, dem no get international recognition from di United Nations or any kontri for world. Infact, di only kontri wey recognize dem na di Turkey wey dey control dem.

Abike Dabiri Erewa tok say even Nigeria, no get diplomatic relationship with dem.

Dem separate from Cyprus for 1983

Northern Cyprus pipo, or di Turkish Cypriots declare dia own independent state for 1983, nine years afta political kasala wia Turkish troops attack di north as response to miltary coup wey Greece nationalists bin organise at di time.

But tok-tok dey on top weda di region go reunite with di southern Cyprus. On top say dia leader Mustafa Akinci bin promise for im election for 2015 to push for peace deal for Cyprus.

Di certificates from schools dia dey internationally recognized?

On top say Northern Cyprus no be internationally recognized kontri, di universities degrees from institutions from di region dey get local Yodak accreditation and anoda one for Turkey before you fit use am.

One of di attraction to school for di kontri na because e cheap and fit offer opportunity to work for Europe.

Students from Africa and Asia dey like catch di opportunity to go dia for school on top say di schools dey cheap and di kontri offer opportunity to work for Europe.

Di rate at which dem dey build schools for dia don rise from six before 2011 to 30 as at 2019.