Nigerians in Ghana: Government suspend policy to shutdown Nigerian shops as Nigeria plan to recall ambassador

Nigerian business owners for Ghana now fit relax dia mind as Ghana authority don suspend dia policy to close Nigerian retail shops dem.

Nigerian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama wey nack tori pipo dis tori, say na di Ghana ambassador, Iva Denoo tell am dis wan afta e summon am on Monday.

Ghana authority bin don dey close Nigerian shops sake of claim say dem no meet di kontri requirement.

Tok tok pesin Ghana Ministry of Trade, Prince Boakye Boateng tell BBC Pidgin say foreign business owners need to prove say dem don invest $1m for dia business activities inside di kontri plus retail trading only dey reserve for dia kontri pipo.

But oga Onyeama say dis Ghanaian policy dey in conflict wit di Ecowas protocol and dat di kontri go investigate di mata and if dem find out say Ghana dey at fault, dem go cari di mata go ECOWAS court plus di kontri go all reciprocate.

Di minister further yarn say di kontri go shaperly recall Nigerian ambassador to Ghana home to tell di ministry everytin wey dey happun to Nigerian traders for di kontri.

Di minister wey receive two leaders of Nigerian business pipo for im office, say im know say Ghana election dey near and dat e no pure make dem cari Nigerian business pipo dem take play politics.

Oga Onyeama tok dis one afta one viral video wey show Ghana authorities dey close di shop of one Nigerian inside Tip Toe Lane, Accra.

For di video, di owner shop say di authorities dey demand make im pay $1m before e go fit continue with im business inside di kontri.

But Ghana Ministry of Trade say dem no tell Nigerians and oda foreigners to pay $1m tax before dem fit do business

Former Governor of Anambra State Peter Obi tweet and post video say make Nigeria goment notice di cry of dia citizens inside Ghana.

Ghana Law for Foreigners wey wan do business

Concerning why authorities close some stores recently for di kontri, oga Boateng say na because dem no fulfil di requirement wey dem need to get before doing business inside di kontri and dem be;

  • Register di business with di correct department of di business entity
  • Prove say di company dey pay dia taxes
  • Di company need to dey certified by di Ghana Standards authority to know if di goods wey dem carry enta di kontri meet up with di right standard
  • Di company must prove say dem don invest $1m for dia business activities.

Anoda issue wey oga Boateng mention why dem also lock some Nigerian shops na Retail trade;

“Ghana na sovereign state and e get law, even though we don sign up to international treaties.”

“Di laws of dis kontri reserve Retail Trading to Ghanaians only, so weda you be Nigerian, India or whoever, you no suppose to engage in retail trade especially for our market inside Ghana.”

According to am, Retail Trade na petty trading wey be buying and selling of goods. E say foreigners fit bring in di goods, do wholesale business-dat na supply am but dem no fit begin dey do retail trade (petty trading).

E add say no be only Nigerians dey break dis retail trade law but majority of di pipo wey dey engage in retail trade well-well na Nigerians.

Ghana Ministry of Trade advise for Africa Businessmen inside di kontri

Kumasi market

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Head of Communications, Ghana Ministry of Trade, Prince Boakye Boateng don advise foreigners on what to do;

“Di advise wey I dey give to my Nigerian brothers and sisters wen I meet dem be say nobody go stop you from doing legit business.”

“Nothing prevent African traders from coming today, pulling resources togeda and having a place like Ivorian Mall, Nigeria Mall and everybody go gada dia and sell. But e dey like say dem prefer ‘me’ ‘me’ kind of business.”

“Plenti oda foreign business dey for Ghana like; Shoprite, Koala shopping mall, China mall and odas and authorities neva go any of dem to close dia shops.”

“If na di market wey we don reserve for our petty traders na im oda nationals wan come compete with dem, e no go work.”

Wetin Nigeria Union of Traders inside Ghana tok

Chairman of Nigeria Union of Traders Ghana Association, Chief Kizito dem dey aware of di $1m investment capital but dis whole tin no start today.

E say dem don involve both ECOWAS and Nigerian goment concerning dis issue since 2007 wen e start. And dem dey always say di law- dat na di Ghana Investment Promotion Council (GIPC) no be for ECOWAS pipo.

“Di truth of di mata be say if to say dem target ECOWAS citizens for dis GIPC law, no single Nigerian go dey for Ghana.”

“Make I break everything down to you. Wen you come in with dat $1m and do your registration. Afta dat you need to employ 25 Ghanaians, then you no go sell for dia market, you need to go outskirt of di market wey you go dey sell wholesale and not retail.

“Di goment also make am clear to us say even if we dey for dat outskirt, anytime di place develop and pipo start to dey come dia, dem get right to turn dat place to market, which means you have to leave dia and start to dey look for anoda place.”

Oga Kizito say dis whole las no dey conducive for anybody at all especially ECOWAS pipo

E give recall say dis same issue don happun for 2012, 2018 and now 2020.

“Wetin we want be say make Ghana authority make am dey clear to we ECOWAS, weda di GIPC law affect us too so dat we go beg our Nigeria goment to come carry us comot from Ghana because we no get any oda option.”