Cameroon Biggy 237 Television reality show: See de tins weh you no know about de housemates

Plenti house mates laik one particular film, ‘Boss Ladies’ plenti na actors and show biz pipo.

E good for tok say out of de 25, five dey for house for seka regional balance weh na organisers select dem.

Check out who bi who for Biggy 237 Mansion.

Mc Claire Tifuh

Sabi writer book, na model and actress from Northwest region.

Khalifa Vanithels

22 years, komot from Kumbo for Northwest regions, e laik ‘Boss Ladies’ film, na fashion designer, makeup artist, dancer /and actress. Weti you get for know na say Khalifa Vanithel e real name na Fonyeh Vanissa Thelma.

Melinda Swan

22 years, na journalist /musician from Mankon, Northwest region. E go Siantou university institute her nick name na ‘Cruella Swan,’; e laik films ‘stray’, ‘jumping the brown’.

Mc Dibenja

23, from Southwest region, e real name na Federick Ngotto, e fans group name na ArmyGist

Zita Minja

22, from Northwest, na journalist, communication officer, commercial and fashion model, radio animator and e laik dis film ‘Boss Ladies’.

Ranibel Kizeey

24 years, from Northwest weh e di check say nayi go win de package, na actor and model, brand ambassador/makeup artist and e too laik ‘boss ladies’

Bacha Meshi Blanche

From Northwest, 22 years, some pipo di call her ‘small pepper’. E don set for show housemates de same tin weh pepper bi see’am before e vex start hot. But, e go fit treat sick pipo for mansion as na professional nurse. E laik arts and entertainment. No. 40


Im be photographer, 32years from Northwest.

Sama Ay Diamond

Northwest, 28 years.

Akere Nerisa

26, from de Northwest e know how for waka laik duck fowu, catwalk, and na fashion model.

Fotso Brandon

22 years, from West region, e laik music and comedy.

Irene Pretty

29 years from Southwest region.

Ndukong Joel

Northwest from Mbot village-Nkambe, e wan bi top three famous celebrities for Africa, want create platform for promote young talents if e win.

Cindy Stainless

say e join Biggy 237 because e bi wan platform for show weti e know and for develop and improve e sef. Cindy Stainless na actor, model, writer and master student.

Brown popsy

25, from Northwest region, go school for University of Yaoundé II Soa.

Nyanda Kelly

Nyanda na legal secretary and accountant from Northwest region.

Amabo Aline (Spears)

25, business admin from Northwest, go school for Buea university, e laik for massage e grandmother e foot.

Eryk -C- Dopez

24 years from Northwest.

Ray Real

24 years old wey komot for Littoral region.

Eyong Cadoline

22 years from Southwest, e go school for Yaoundé II Soa, afta English High school, actress and business woman weh e trust God.

Gaga Wagne

She don already create sensation for social media afta e snap picture weh e show e new dross, (g-string) for outside.