Dr Stella Immanuel hydroxychloroquine video: Trump defend Houston doctor wey Facebook take down her post say she advocate di drug for coronavirus

US President Donald Trump don again defend di use of hydroxychloroquine to fight coronavirus.

Im tok dey come afta one viral video of one African doctor Stella Immanuel wey dey promote di drug as treatment for coornavirus go viral.

Evidence no dey say di drug fit fight di virus, and regulators warn say e fit cause heart problems.

Trump argue say experts reject di malaria medication as Covid-19 treatment because na im suggest am.

Im tok dey come after Twitter ban im eldest son wey post di viral video wey dey support hydroxychloroquine.

Wetin Trump tok?

Trump bin dey brief reporters on coronavirus for di White House wen one reporter from CNN ask am about di viral video.

Trump wey say im no know anything about di woman waka comot

“I fit tell you dis, she dey on air togeda with many oda doctors wey be big fan of hydroxychloroquine and I tink say she dey very impressive in dis sense say from where she come from, I no know which kontri she come from, but she say she don get many ogbonge success with hundreds of patients, I tink say her voice na important voice but I no know anything about her.” Trump tok before waka comot leave di reporters before di end of di briefing.

President Donald Trump wave tori pipo forTuscaloosa Regional Airport forTuscaloosa, Alabama, November 9, 2019


Trump also tell reporters for White House on Tuesday say:

“I fit only say from my standpoint, and based on plenty reading and a lot of knowledge about am, I tink say e fit get a very positive impact for di early stages.

“I no think say you lose anything by doing it, oda than say politically e no seem too popular.”

He add say: “Wen I recommend something, dem like to say ‘don’t use it.'”

Before now, Trump bin defend di viral video afta im retweet am. Im say di drug still dey “very positive” and call di doctor wey Facebook, Youtube and Twitter pull down her video because she dey spread unconfirmed information about coronavirus treatment “very impressive”.

Wetin be America stand on hydroxychloroquine?

Anti-malarial drugs

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Last month, di US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warn against di use of di drug for treatment of di coronavirus, afta reports of “serious heart rhythm problems” and oda health issues.

Di FDA also revoke dia emergency-use authorisation for di drug to treat Covid-19. Di World Health Organization (WHO) also say “there is currently no proof” say di drug dey effective as a treatment or say e dey prevent Covid-19.

Who be di oda doctors wey dey di video wey Trump mention?

The video of America's Frontline Doctors

America Frontline Doctors in front of US Supreme Court

Dem bin di join body of America Frontline Doctors.

Di physicians get strong opinions on di science around di coronavirus pandemic.

Dem get support from Tea Party Patriots, one conservative organisation wey dey seek to re-elect President Trump.

Dia founder, Simone Gold, bin arrange one letter give Oga Trump to call for end to lockdown measures for May.

Dem encourage di participants to do interviews with social media influencers, dem say na di best way to connect with Americans.

Serious debate about hydroxychloroquine, dey go on for months ontop social media, and influential Fox News anchors dey also run segments to favour di drug.

Ralph Norman, wey be Republican member of di House of Representatives, bin stand wit di doctors wen dem do dia news conference.

Di debate on dis drugs mata dey divide Americans along political lines, supporters of hydroxychloroquine dey point to President Trump support of di drug and dem dey accuse critics say dem dey cover up how effective di drug fit be.