Hydroxychloroquine and Dr Stella Immanuel Houston Texas video: Facts you fit no sabi about dis drug for covid treatment

Hydroxychloroquine wey be anti-malarial drug na for May 2020 US President Donald Trump first say im dey take hydroxychloroquine as preventive measure against Covid-19, although sabi pipo don warn about di side effects.

Latest tori be say one American doctor don go viral afta one Dr Stella Immanuel wey be primary health physician for Houston, US inside one for one video tell tori pipo for news conference say she don treat ova 350 patients wey get Covid-19.

But sabi pipo still dey study if hydroxychloroquine (and one drug wey resemble am wey dem dey call chloroquine) dey effective against coronavirus.

Di World Health Organization say dem dey concerned about reports of pipo wey dey do self-medication and dey cause serious harm to dia bodi.

World Health Organization announce on July 4 say dem don stop dia trial of hydroxychloroquine and lopinavir/ritonavir drugs.

Dem organize di trial to find out how effective di drugs be to treat Covid-19.

According to di result of di trial wey dem do, hydroxychloroquine and lopinavir/ritonavir no really reduce death of Covid-19 patients for hospital wen you compare to di regular treatment wey dem receive.

So far coronavirus don catch more than 16 million pipo across di world according to World Health Organization.

Donald Trump retweet Dr. Stella Immanuel Covid video and Hydroxychloroquine

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President Trump bin don talk about using dis drugs for Covid-19

One former top US health official bin don tok about di safety concern before.

Dr Rick Bright,wey dem remove from im post for April bin dey lead di goment vaccine development efforts, e say President Trump focus on these drugs dey “distract dozens of federal scientists”.

And US Food and Drugs Administration, wey bin give approval to use them for specific occasion only, don also warn about di possible side effects.


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Wetin be di evidence say Hydroxychloroquine fit treat Covid-19?

Risks of serious side effects from use of hydroxychloroquine, including renal and liver damage also dey.

A study conducted by Oxford University find out say di drug no dey effective against Covid-19 in patients wey dey hospital dey recieve treatment.

How effective Hydroxychloroquine dey wen dem use am early on during treatment na wetin dem still dey study, as e be say dem dey use am as a preventative measure.

Medical trials have so far been inconclusive and the results of larger-scale randomised studies will be needed to know if it’s effective or not.

In July, di US Food and Drug Administration warn against di use of Hydroxychloroquine outside any hospital setting because of possible risks to di heart from taking di drug.

Currently, na like dozens of hydroxychloroquine trials dey go on around di world.


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Anti-malarial drugs

President Trump bin don tok about di potential use of hydroxychloroquine during im White House briefings. For press conference for April, im say: “Wetin you get to lose? Take am.”

And Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro claim for inside one video say hydroxychloroquine dey work everywhere”, although Facebook don remove dat part ontop say im break dia misinformation guidelines rule.

Sake of all di publicity wey di drug get as possible treatment, di demand for dem don increase well-well for di world.

Afta Presido Trump chook mouth for di drug mata for late March, prescription for both chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine increase for US.

Tori be say tablets wey get chloroquine dem dey use am for di treatment of malaria to reduce fever and inflammation, and di hope na say dem fit also slow di virus wey di cause Covid-19.

Trials dey happun for different kontries on using di drugs to prevent di illness. As part of these studies, frontline workers wey dey highly exposed to di virus dey take am as preventive measure.

Oda studies dey chook eye weda e fit help patients wey already get Covid-19.

For US, various trials dey go on for combination of drugs including chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine and one antibiotic wey dem dey call azithromycin, for treating Covid-19 patients.

But di evidence wey dey no dey too much for now from current trials as to how effective e dey to treat patients with Covid-19.


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Dem produce di drug originally to treat malaria

Which oda kontries don authorise make dem use am?

Dr Immanuel home kontri, Nigeria on Tuesday tok say dem never approve di use of hydroxychloroquine for di treatment of COVID-19.

Di statement land at di same time di viral video of Nigerian-born Dr Stella Immanuel begin trend.

For late March, di US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) bin grant “emergency use” for di use of dis drugs to treat small number of Covid-19 cases for hospital.

E no mean say di FDA say e go work. But e mean say for some kain circumstances, hospitals fit request and use di medicines from goment stockpiles for Covid-19 treatment.

But on 24 April, FDA also warn about di dangers of using di substances because of reports of heart rhythm problems for patients.

US goment say one German-based pharmaceutical company donate 30 million doses of hydroxychloroquine give dem.

Dr. Stella Immanuel Covid video and Hydroxychloroquine

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American scientists don begin trial to see if chloroquine fit help treat coronavirus

Oda kontries dey also use di anti-malarial drugs to some extent.

France don authorise dia doctors to prescribe dem for patients with Covid-19, but di kontri medical watchdog don warn about di side effects.