Big Brother Naija 2020 housemates: Kaisha cry for BBNaija diary room – See why Aisha Umaru di only Hausa female contestant of Season 5 burst into tears

One of Big Brother Naija housemate, Aisha Umaru popularly known as Kaisha for di house burst into crying inside di diary room on Wednesday wen she dey follow Big brother tok one-on-one.

For wetin be like say di housemates no go fit take di heat afta just two days , Kaisha complain say fake pipo too plenti for di house.

Wen di voice of di Big Brother ask am about wetin be her opinion about oda housemates and how she dey follow dem yarn.

“Dey are all fake, Big Brother, dey are all fake, today dis pesin dey nice to you, tomorrow di pesin no go dey nice to you.” she complain.

Wit 10 weeks to go for di lockdown edition, hope be say Kaisha go fit cope long enough to stay all through di edition to become winner of di season 5 edition

Who be Kaisha

Aisha Umaru na 25-year-old entrepreneur from Sokoto state. She consider hersef great team player wey dey get along with pipo. She rely on healthy diet.

She say she can be dramatic sometimes but very emotional. She like singing, going out and having having fun.

How pipo react to her cry-cry