Hushpuppi released: Federal Bureau of Prisons website say Ramon Olorunwa Abbas wey be FBI prisoner no dey MCC Chicago inmate record

Hushpuppi, di Nigerian wey FBI wan sentence for fraud don dey released, according to Federal Bureau of Prisons website informate.

Hushpuppi wey real name na Ramon Olorunwa Abbas, na Nigerian wey FBI wan sentence for fraud and dem put for Federal Bureau of Prisons BOP in Chicago, Illinois USA since 7 July.

But update on Hushpuppi record wey BBC Pidgin obtain from Federal Bureau of Prisons website on Thursday morning show say di popular Nigerian instagram influencer dey no dey MCC Chicago inmate.

However, Hushpuppi lawyer Gal Pissetzkylocal say dem only transfer im customer from Chicago to California, no be say na free man, local media dey report.

To be say court neva find am guilty of di charges yet and Hushpuppi still get criminal cases to ansa for California.

Pissetzky, wey be Chicago top criminal lawyer, tell The PUNCH on Wednesday night say:

“He (Hushpuppi) never still dey released and I still be im lawyer. E dey on his way to California. No be evritin you see on top court documents dey accurate.”

“Just because just jail record say ‘released’ no mean dem don release am. De dey transfer am to California.” Di lawyer tell dia tori pesin for phone.

Di Nigeria Instagram celebrity wey FBI arrest for fraud bin enta MCC Chicago, Federal Bureau of Prisons wey be prison in Chicago, Illinois USA, early July.

Hushpuppi or Hush wey real name na Ramon Olorunwa Abbas or Ramon Olorunwa Abbas (according to BOP details), bin chop arrest for Dubai before dem extradite am go US after dem arrest am for fraud alias advance-fee scam.

Di Federal Bureau of Prisons upload Hushpuppi name for BOP website on Monday night on 6 July, 2020 .

Di prison put Hushpuppi prison registration number, 54313-424, wey go make pipo fit search am for BOP website.

BOP also put im name, age and race.

US Department of Justice go transfer di 37-year-old Hushpuppi go Los Angeles to go face criminal charges for di coming weeks, according to wetin BBC Pidgin Daniel Semeniworima find out.

Di Extradition of popular Nigeria social media celebrity, Ramoni Igbalode AKA Hushpuppi and Lekan Ponle AKA Woodbery to di United States sake of internet crime accuse don cause plenti tok for social media space.

Dubai police bin arrest di two alleged internet hackers plus 10 oda pipo for one operation wey dem call ‘Fox Hunt 2’.

Di operation take down di suspects for committing crimes outside di UAE, including money-laundering, cyber fraud, hacking, criminal impersonating, scamming individuals, banking fraud and identity theft.

From di operation, Dubai police gbab documents of one planned fraud wey worth 435million dollars.

Di Director of Dubai CID say from di raid, dem gbab document of one planned fraud wey dey worth $435 million.

Dubai police say dem also seize:

  • More dan $40.9 million cash moni
  • 13 expensive cars wey worth $6.8 million moni wey dem get from mago-mago activities
  • 21 computer device
  • 47 smartphones
  • 15 memory stick
  • Five hard disk wey contain 119,580 fraud files
  • Address of 1,926,400 victims.

On Thursday di Dubai police say dem don handover Hushpuppi and Woodbery to di Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for America for prosecution.

Biography of Hushpuppi

Who be di Hushppupi or Hushpuppi parents, Hushpupi girlfriend na still kwesions wey pipo dey ask worldwide;

See wetin we sabi

  • Husppuppi born year na 1983, according to prison details.
  • Im real name na Ramoni Igbalode Abbas, dem born am for June 14.
  • From reports wey we gada, dem born and raise am for Lagos wey be Nigeria commercial capital.
  • Hushpuppi girlfriend: Reports bin dey say Hushpuppi date Amira Dyme wey be German model and dia two meet for Dubai.
  • More dan 50 Facebook accounts dey registered wit Hushpuppi name and all of dem dey suggest say im come from different cities for di kontri.
  • Hushpuppi dey popular for Instagram sake of di way im dey showcase expensive cloths, cars, shoes and even travels.
  • Till Dubai police dem arrest am for June 2020 , Ramoni dey live for Dubai.
  • One of di Facebook account wit di name ‘Raymond Hushpuppy’, e claim say im come from Nsukka, e dey live for Enugu and im go school for Imo Satate University for Owerri. E no dey clear if dis na di true identity of Ramoni Igbalode as oda facebook accounts dey suggest different schools and different place of birth.
  • For di last post wey im share before dem arrest am, he showcase one 2021 white RollsRoyce Cullinan wey worth ova $320,000.

  • For im official Instagram accout, Ramoni claim say im be Real Estate Developer.
  • He bin also dey into fashion wen e travel to Malaysia to stay before im later move to Dubai.