NDDC Nigeria MD Prof. Pondei faint during probe hearing because Niger Delta Development Commission Acting Chief Executive bin dey sick – Officials

NDDC say Prof. Kemebradikumo Pondei, di acting chief executive of Niger Delta Development Commission bin dey sick, and appear for di probe hearing on Monday against doctors advise.

Officials say di one wey dia Prof. Pondei faint during di public hearing for di House of Representatives Committee on NDDC na because say im bin dey sick for di past two weeks.NDDC tok-tok pesin Charles Obi Odili say dat Monday morning, im health condition become worse but Prof. Pondei go against im doctors advise to attend di hearing so pipo no go soil im reputation say im no attend, thinking say im go take care of imsef later.

But now di Acting MD dey stable condition for one clinic for Abuja.

From probe of N40billion to Financial Recklessness ‘Charles Odili for di Statement come point out some things for clarification and explain say:●Prof. Pondei become Acting MD of NDDC on February 20, 2020 but by May 5, di two arms of di National Assembly order probe of im tenure wey bin dey exactly 74days and dem bin don spend two thirds of di period under Covid-19 lockdown.● Di MD get official duty to answer for activities of di Commission, but for tins like wetin happen between 2008-2012 wey be matter for anoda hearing wey dey based on Auditor-General report for dat period, e no dey fair to hold di Acting MD personally responsible for wetin happen wen im no be di head of di Commission.●Wen di National Assembly start di probe, na to find out how N40 billion miss and di Commission go extra mile to publish all di payments dem make under Prof Pondei, wey never happen before. But wen di publication no prove di claims of dia accusers, di public hearing change to matter of ‘financial recklessness’, wey mean say di purpose of di probe don change to soil a clean man. So while di matter of misappropriation of N40billion still dey demand objective proof, di matter of financial recklessness dey open to personal judgment. ●Di Commission happy say di Chairman of di House of Reps Committee on NDDC comot imsef from di hearing but at di end of di day, evribodi go answer for di role dem play to misuse di resources of di Commission.●As President Muhammadu Buhari dey look for di answers wey di nine Govnors of di Niger Delta region request, na im make im order di forensic audit to probe wetin happen to di resources of di Commission from 2001 to date. Di Interim Management Committee IMC wey Prof. Pondei dey lead say dem dey committed to di success of dat exercise. While dem expect say pipo wey chook hand inside di cookie jar go fight back, dem no expect di level of boldness and aggression dem don see from di accusers for dis hearing and dia agents for media platforms. ● Even though di Commission dey participate for di hearing, dem feel say di conclusion of di forensic audit go better serve di future of di NDDC and di Niger Delta, than di probe of 74 days activities.