BBNaija Reunion: Tacha say she neva insult pesin for house plus wetin make am vex for Seyi – See di full gist here

Tacha try to bury di hachet with former housemates Seyi and Venita for last night episode of Big Brother Naija Reunion show.

For di show, Tacha and Seyi tok on top wetin make dem vex wen dem dey di Big Brother house even as oda housemates like Sir Dee join mouth for di dynamic of dia relationship.

She even follow accuse Seyi say di way im dey follow am tok for di house at one point na as if im want am to lose. She say she bin hear Seyi tok say im no fit wait for finale for her to lose di competiton.

However, Seyi come back with im own counter claim say im feel say di respect wey im sama for Tacha for di house, im no get dat kain respect back from her.

Dis na even as more members of di house chook mouth for inside dia mata. Sir Dee tok say “di both of una dey very egotistic” also tok say if dem no get genuine feelings for demselves, dem for no fight di kain fight wey dem fight for house.

Las-las Seyi tok sorry give Tacha among oda tins say im call am Puta (wey be Spanish swear word), wey mean ‘lose woman or as Seyi tok am, ‘female dog’ but Tacha no gree accept am say im apology no reach im chest.

Dis back and forth enta social media wia Titans and Seyi fans clash.

You go remember say for di house last year, Tacha and Seyi become close on top say dem bin fake evict di two of dem and keep dem for enclosed space.

Venita and Tacha

Anoda gbas gbos wey get leg for inside na di mata of Venita and Tacha.

Yes, Tacha dey for almost all of di gist for dis reunion episode.

According to Venita, her beef with di Titan queen be say, Tacha tok say “Venita suppose comot di house go take care of her pikin.”

Tacha bin deny say she tok anytin about Venita pikin dem but tok say she dey sorry if she make Venita feel somehow to which Venita accept.

However, e o stop pipo for social media to bash Venita.