Latest update on school resumption in Nigeria and across Africa afta lockdown

Latest update on school resumption in Nigeria

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Latest update on school resumption in Nigeria

Afta months of lockdown sake of coronavirus palava, primary and secondary schools for Tanzania resume academic sessions on Monday 29 June.

Dis dey follow di directives wey President John Magufuli give some weeks ago. Dem bin suspend all schools on 17 March, 2020 soon afta di outbreak of COVID19.

Authorities don give schools guidelines wey dem go use prevent anoda outbreak and also protect pupils from di virus

Tanzania na di first kontri to allow pupils go back to school since di outbreak of coronavirus for di region.

Oda schools for Africa wey don reopen schools


Goment of Papua New Guinea allow school to reopen on may 4.

World Health Organisation, WHO bin work wit partners to assist di goment to put measures in place to make am possible for schools to reopen safely.

For di kontri wey don alredai dey battle di outbreak of Ebola, equipment for infection control and hygiene, most eapecially soap for hand washing, disinfectants for classrooms, and thermometers for measuring children’s temperatures don already dey for di school system

South Africa

Schools for South Africa resume on June 8 even as some parents protest say make goment neva open school


For Cameroon, primary and secondary school students for dia final year begin return to class on Monday June 1.

Di kontri Minister of Secondary Education, Pauline Lyonga, say di move na to help children catch up on missed lessons and assist parents wey dey gradually return to work.

Among the measures schools in the West African country must observe are temperature checks, compulsory mask-wearing, customized school buses and designated routes to classrooms to prevent the gathering of crowds.

Ivory coast

Among di earliest countries to reopen dia schools for Africa na Ivory Coast, dem resume learning on May 25.

However, oda African kontris decide to postpone di reopening of schools, dem tok say cases of coronavirus dey increase.


For Senegal, President Macky Sall postpone di reopening of schools wey dem initially schedule for June 2 afta some teachers test positive to coronavirus for di kontri southern Ziguinchor region.


President Yoweri Museveni tok say di kontri neva readyfor di resumption of classes.

“I bin dey tok about opening schools afta June 4, but we don further studie dis with di scientists and di eventual decision na to delay.

We get 1.4 million children in dis candidate classes and finalists. We no get enough testing kits for testing those numbers everi two weeks,” Museveni tok during one televised national address.


Di only state wey no get any recorded cases of coronavirus for Nigeria, Cross Rivers bin plan to reopen school on June 16 but sake of pressure from goment dem cancel di plan.

One goment official for di state tell BBC Pidgin say di state get plenty pressure from federal goment ontop dia plan to resume.

Some organisations like di Nigerian Medical Association and concerned parents also no buy di idea.