Lazarus Chakwera: Who be Malawi new presido? – See wetin you gatz know about di man wey win Peter Mutharika for historic election

Lazarus Chakwera

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Lazarus Chakwera get anoda chance or di office of presido afta court cancel last year election

Malawi opposition leader Lazarus Chakwera don win di kontri rerun presidential vote.

According to di electoral commission on Saturday, e defeat sitting president Peter Mutharika with 58.57% of di vote for Tuesday election.

Outgoing Presido Peter Mutharika

Outgoing Presido Peter Mutharika say Tuesday election na di worst Malawi don see

Dis na as for Febuary, Malawi constitutional court cancel di May 2019 election wey oga Mutharika win say e bin get vote tampering.

Di kontri bin get serious kasala befire dis week election.

As dem announce di result, oga Chakwera call im victory say, “na win for democracy and justice” even as dem be di second African kontri wey go cancel presidential election on top wuruwuru alias vote rigging.

Dem suppose swear in oga Chakwera as president on Sunday.

Who be Laxarus Chakwera?

Lazarus Chakwera na opposition leader and former pastor wey dey also lead di opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

Dem born am for 5 April, 1955 to papa wey be subsistence farmer.

Malawi opposition leader Lazarus Chekwera defeat serving President Peter Mutharika


From dat background, na im e take study Theology for Malawi, South Africa and America.

E also work as pastor and lecturer for di Assemblies of God School of Theology.

Dis no go be di first time im dey run for office of president, e run for 2014 and come second.

Oga Chakwera na di leader of s nine party coalition wey call demself, di Tonse Alliance and bin get backing from Malawi former presido Joyce Banda and di kontri vice presido Saulos Chillma wey be im running mate.