FBI most wanted list: Nigerians, Russians, Chinese dey among di pipo America dey find for cyber crimes

Di Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for America don release list of 79 pipo wey dem dey find ontop accuse say dem commit cybercrime offenses.

For di list wey FBI post ontop dia website and name as “cyber’s Most Wanted”, 37 of dem be from Arab, 20 be Chinese, 16 be Russia and 6 of dem be Nigerians.

Kontries wey dey di wanted list

Russia: 28

Iran: 26

Nigeria: 6

China: 15

National not specified: 4

Romania: 2

Pakistani 2

North Korea: 1

Latvia: 1

Syrian: 1

Vietnamese: 1

India: 1

Swedish: 1

Who be di Nigerians wey dey inside?

Di FBI say di 6 Nigerians wey dey di list allegedly dey involve for “Business Email Compromise (BEC) scheme wey defraud over 70 different businesses for United States resulting for combined losses of over $6,000,000 USD”. Dia names na;

Richard Izuchukwu Uzuh

Alex Afolabi Ogunshakin AKA Alex Afolabi, Alex Ogunshakin

Felix Osilama Okpoh AKA : Felix Okpoh, Felix Osilama, “Junior”

Abiola Ayorinde Kayode AKA Abiola Kayode, “ABK”, “Ginger”

Nnamdi Orson Benson AKA Nnamdi Benson, “Namo”

Micheal Olorunyomi AKA Ayomide Michael, Michael Olorunyomi, “Ayo”, “A.Y.”

But ontop Twitter, FBI, ask pipo to help dem “find six Nigerian nationals wey dey wanted for dia involvement in business email compromise (BEC) schemes wey result in over $6 million in losses”.

Dis tweet don vex many Nigerians wey tink say di investigative agency dey try to “make Nigeria di subject of criticism sake of few bad eggs”, as no be Nigerians plenty pass for di list.

One Nigerian, wey him name be Ebuka @king_miffy, ask why di FBI dey more worried about di 6 Nigerians wey dey list of 79 pipo?

“79 ontop di list yet you dey more worried about di 6 Nigerians? Wen all dis rubbish go stop? Shey e mean say you don find di rest pipo? Keep hating blacks for no reason,” im tok.

Oda pipo follow condemn dia tweet

As some pipo dey condem FBI for di tweet, some pipo dey pat dem for back.

Some Nigerian don chop arrest for different kontris sake of cybercrime wey dem accuse dem of. Just few day ago, Dubai police arrest Ramoni Igbalode, wey im popular name be Hushpuppi, sake of cybercrime.

Invictus Obi too don confess to cybercrime offense for America wen di kontri goment arrest am and carry am go court.

But Chairman of Nigerians in Diaspora Commission Abike Dabiri-Erewa, say all dis Nigerias wey dey do bad tins dey rub Nigeria name for dirty but add say fraud no represent everybody wey di di West African kontri.