Hushpuppi arrest vide in Dubai make many wonder who be Ramoni Igbalode AKA Hushpuppi wey police catch for ‘Fox hunt 2’ operation – See wetin we sabi

Hushpuppi arrest video wey don go viral afta Dubai police catch di Nigerian Instagram celebrity inside one ‘Fox hunt 2’ operation inside United Arab Emirates.

Now many pipo dey ask kwesions like who be Hushpuppi girlfriend? Who be Hushpuppi parents? Odas dey ask wetin be Hushpuppi net worth afta Dubai police release di arrest video wey on Thursday.

But Hushpuppi no be di real name of dis man wey Dubai police arrest for internet crime wey worth ova N160bn – dat na 1.6 billion dirham to naira.

See wetin we sabi about Hushpuppi

  • Im real name na Ramoni Igbalode, dem born am for June 14.
  • From reports wey we gada, dem born and raise am for Lagos wey be Nigeria commercial capital and na dia e grow up.
  • More dan 50 Facebook accounts dey registered wit Hushpuppi name and all of dem dey suggest say im come from different cities for di kontri.
  • Hushpuppi dey popular for Instagram sake of di way im dey showcase expensive cloths, cars, shoes and even travels.
  • Till Dubai police dem arrest am for June 2020 , Ramoni dey live for Dubai.
  • One of di Facebook account wit di name ‘Raymond Hushpuppy’, e claim say im come from Nsukka, e dey live for Enugu and im go school for Imo Satate University for Owerri. E no dey clear if dis na di true identity of Ramoni Igbalode as oda facebook accounts dey suggest different schools and different place of birth.
  • For di last post wey im share before dem arrest am, he showcase one 2021 white RollsRoyce Cullinan wey worth ova $320,000

  • Inside di video wey trend for social media, dem tok say im and some oda pipo be suspect of internet mago-mago and dem don defraud almost 2 million pipo of dia moni.
  • For im official Instagram accout, Ramoni claim say im be Real Estate Developer
  • Reports bin dey say Hushpuppi date Amira Dyme.
  • He bin also dey into fashion wen e travel to Malaysia to stay before im later move to Dubai

Di Economic and Financial Crimes Commission( EFCC) wey be Nigeria corruption police say dem dey investigate di crime wey FBI arrest am for-$35million ventilator scam and dem to plan to drag come Naija to ansa kwesions for im ‘sins’..

EFCC tok say di Commission get all di details of im moni mago-mago transactions, wey involve many high-profile cyber criminals wey dey face trials inside di kontri.

And di Commission don begin work with di FBI to trace di pipo wey im dupe and oda pipo wey follow am dey do di internet crime.

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