Nigerian community for Ghana protest High Commission building demolition

Some Nigerians wey dey for Ghana bin stage peaceful protest against di demolition of di Nigerian High commission staff quarters wey dey di kontri.

Dem also complain about how Ghana goment no dey treat Nigerian wey do business for di kontri well.

Some of dem say dia shops don dey locked for ova eight months and now dem don demolish di High commission building.

Chukwuemeka wey be di President Nigerians doing business in Ghana follow BBC Pidgin tok say: “If any litigation dey on top di land, dey for go through di appropriate channel but to break di fence down for midnight na insult to di Nigerian goment.

“If dem fit demolish our building, wetin go happun to us if we dey waka for street. Our lives no longer dey safe, E tok

Nigeria High Commission for Ghana protest


Ghana Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister, Charles Owiredu say what happun during de early hours of Saturday be unfortunate.

Owiredu tok BBC say, “what happen during de early hours of Saturday be unfortunate, de High Commission and Embassies be inviolable within de Vienna Convention.”

“You no fit enter diplomatic mission without invitation, wey de responsibility to protect a diplomatic mission dey with de host which be Ghana, so go deal with that issue” Mr Owiredu add.

Mr Owiredu talk BBC Pidgin say dem gather some info say de demolishing be linked to some land ownership struggle between de Nigeria High Commission den Osu Traditional Authority for Accra.

Armed men for Ghana storm de residence of Nigeria High Commission for Ghana plus bulldozers which dem take destroy some buildings on de property.

De building wey dem demolish be new property wey dem dey construct for staff den visiting diplomats to de High Commission.

According to Accra-based Joy FM, one armed man allegedly threaten de Nigeria High Commission staff present say he go ‘clear dem off’ if dem interfere.

Head of security for de High Commission, Emmanuel Kabutey talk Joy FM say dem get backing of National Security so “if any of us try, he go clear us off.”

According to Mr Kabutey, “when police come, dem no talk dem anything, instead dem go straight to de man [leader of the armed men] wey dem have friendly chat plus am, exchange numbers wey dem allowed am to go.”

Police come de property come take pictures of de demolished building but de eyewitnesses say dem no talk dem anything.

De incident wey happen last week Friday make Nigerians vex, including Foreign Affairs Minister for Nigeria, Geoffrey Onyeama.

Ghana govment condemn attack on Nigeria High Commission

Ghana govment condemn attack on Nigeria High Commission, as dem open investigations into de matter.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs for statement inside reveal say “investigations dey go on to unravel de facts of de matter den bring de perpetrators to book.”

“Dis be matter dey worry, de development dey go against de Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations…We express regret over de incident” dem add.

Ghana authorities no give details on who dis unknown individuals be but dem assure de diplomatic community den Nigerians of dema safety.

Dem since beef up security for de premises of de Nigeria High Commission.