World-War 3: All you need to know about India-China border quarrel wey dey make pipo shout

File photo of Indian and Chinese soldier for di border

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India and China get long history of border quarrel

World war 3 dey trend for social media as one military gbege between India and China over dia border for di Himalayas don turn into ogbonge fight wey don kill pipo.

See di koko you need to help you understand wetin dey happun so.

Wetin happun for di clash?

At least 20 Indian soldiers die for inside di gbege wey happun on Monday night. E happun for di Galwan Valley for di Ladakh region.

China accuse Indian troops say dem cross border two times, say dem “provoke and attack Chinese personnel”.

Di two sides dey stand dia ground say dem no fire shots. Indian officials say di na ordinary hand, iron rods and stones dem take fight di fight.

Tori bin come out day China too lose pipo, but no official confirmation dey.

Military officials from both countries later meet to “calm down di situation”, di Indian army tok.

Why dem dey fighting?

Di military superpowers don dey argue for years now over territory for di high-altitude, region wia pipo dey hardly live.

Dia armies dey come face to face for many points along dia 3,440km (2,100-mile) shared border.

Di gbege come afta tension begin dey bubble in recent months over one new road India build in Ladakh, along di Line of Actual Control wey divide di sides.

Dat one vex China, wey deploy troops come build dia own infrastructure too along di territory too, dis wan come, bring di two sides’ dia forces closer to each oda. Increase di risk of fight too.

Why e mata?

Both sides see di area say e dey strategic and important, economically and militarily.

If none of dem back down, di gbege fit cause kasala for di region.

Di deaths wey happun don turn di mata to anoda level. Those deaths according to tori na di first in 45 years in di border confrontation between India and China.

Dem don fight only one war, for 1962, wen India suffer humiliating defeat.

How dangerous dis fit be?

E get potential to dey very dangerous, if efforts to reduce tensions fail.

In recent days, army generals from India and China don dey tok-tok to end di quarrel.

However, similar attempt to end quarrel don fail in di past.