African swine fever outbreak don kill thousands of pigs, make farmers die of shock for parts of Nigeria

Authorities for Nigeria don confam di outbreak of African swine fever for parts of south west region of di kontri.

Na di first time in 12 years dis African swine fever wey be highly contagious haemorrhagic viral disease of domestic and wild pigs dey happun for di west African kontri.

One of di farmers, Ayo Ominrin tell BBC News Pidgin say di disease don kill ova 300,000 pigs since di outbreak start for February 2020.

“Around late February we begin notice say pigs dey die, e start for some parts of di farm and e begin dey spread to di oda parts and wen we run test, dem confam say na African swine fever.” Oga Ayo tok.

Since dat time we don lose plenti pigs, we no even tok say dis na di numbers of pigs wey don die sake of di fever but we don lose over 300,000 pigs, im add.

Di disease don affect 99 percent of di over 3,000 pig farms wey dey di Oke Aro farm settlement for area wey share boundary of Ogun State and Lagos, Nigeria bizness capital.

Dis Oke-Aro farm settlement na Lagos State goment dey operate am and na di largest pig farm for di south west region of Nigeria. Di last time wen dis African swine fever outbreak happun na for 2008.

Di outbreak don also affect di lives of di pig farmers wey dia livelihood dey only depend on di financial resources from dat farm.

Four of di pig farmers wey dey work for di farm don die sake of di effect of di disease, na wetin one of di pipo wey dey run di campaign to raise support for Africa Small and medium scale enterprises, Victoria Madedor tell BBC News Pidgin.

Oga Ayo wey be one of di farmers confam am say four of im colleagues don die as a result of di shock wey follow di loss of dia pigs,

He tok say two of di farmers slump for di farm after dem see di numbers of dia pigs wey don die and by di time dem carry dem go hospital, dem don die.

“Few hours before one of di farmers die on Wednesday he just dey shout see my pig, e wan die, see am e wan die.” im tok am.

“We still get some of our colleagues wey dey for hospital, dem don also discharge some of dem.”

Ayo Ominrin tok say na Lagos State goment get di farm and wen dem alert di Ministry of Agriculture ontop wetin dey happun, officials from di veterinary department don come spray some chemicals to fumigate di farm but di outbreak never end though e don reduce. He tok say some pigs still dey die for di farm.

Di Public Relations officer of di ministry of Agriculture for Lagos State, Jide Lawal follo BBC Pidgin tok say di state goment don fumigate di farm to reduce di risk of infecting di oda surviving pigs, dem don also sensitise farmers on how to keep dem safe.

“We don also give di farmers palliatives to meet dem half way sake of dis loss, we don give dem maize and sorghum seed (di millet wey pigs dey chop)”. He add am.

Wetin we sabi abut Africa swine fever?

African swine fever (ASF) na severe viral disease wey dey affect domestic and wild pigs

E day cause serious production and economic losses for Farmers

Pigs wey dey alive and di ones wey don die fit spread dis disease, even domestic or wild pigs and e fit even spread from pork products

Di virus fit transmit from foods or oda non living objects wey don dey contaminated like shoes, clothes, vehicles, knives, equipment etc.,

No vaccine or cure don dey for ASF.

From history, dem don report di virus for Africa and parts of Europe, South America, and the Caribbean. even recently, since 2007 dem don report di report di virus for different part of Africa

ASF no be risk to human health.

Since wen Africa swine fever don dey Nigeria?

For Nigeria, dem report di first ASF outbreak for 1973 and since den e don happun for different farms for di kontri for 1997, 1998, 2001, 2005 and 2008.

Since di outbreak for 1997, e don get confam and unconfam report of di sporadic outbreaks of ASF. African swine fever for di kontri.

We don get di outbreak for like four times since 1998 wen e first happun for Oke Aro Farm, Oga Ayo tok.

“Dis year own dey different sake of say na usually during rainy season di outbreak dey happun and den we go wait for di rainy season to pass so dat di outbreak go reduce, but dis one dey come before raining season and we don lose plenti pigs.”

Globally, Africa swine fever na big concern for pig farmers and wetin dem dey do wen di outbreak start na to separate di infected animals, dem go bury dem or burn dem off immediately make dem for no affect di odas.

Di prevention of ASF for different kontris wey dey free of di disease dey depend on implementation of appropriate import policies and even biosecurity measures, Dem go make sure say dem no go introduce infected live pigs or pork products into di areas wey dey free of di disease.

Dis go include goment policies to stop illegal imports of live pigs and pork products from kontris wey don get di disease.