Coronavirus Symptoms: Full explanation of Covid-19 outbreak, everitin you need to know

Coronavirus test

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Di Coronavirus wey start from one town for China for late 2019 don turn to global serious mata.

Di World Health Organization (WHO) wey be di joinbodi of sabi pipo wey dey torchlight health mata around di world, declare di Coronavirus aka Covid-19 disease as global pandemic on 11 March 2020.

Na exactly three months since di first Covid-19 patient Wei Guixian begin feel sick – and since den world goments dem don dey prepare to stop di spread and cure those wey e don catch.

Wetin we sabi about Coronavirus

Di virus, wey dem don officially name Covid-19, na new strain of coronavirus wey dem neva see for human body before.

Di virus fit affect di lungs, and cause cold and catarrh. E fit spread from pesin to pesin through coughing and sneezing.

World Health Organization don advise pipo to avoid “unprotected” contact with live animals, and make dem cook meat and eggs well-well.


Dis na wetin di Coronavirus alias Covid-19 disease dey like for inside pesin bodi.

WHO dey encourage pipo to do social distancing. Dis one mean say make pesin try to avoid touch-touch wit oda pipo, especially di ones wey dey show signs of di disease.

E also mean pesin go avoid wia plenty pipo dey or gada for, like bars, swimming pool, cinemas, restaurants, theatres, gym and social gathering.

Nkechi Ogbonna na BBC tori pesin wey wear face mask

If you dey take care of pesin wey get di virus, di advice na to dey waer face mask to cover your mouth and nose

Wetin be di Symptoms of Coronavirus

Di main symptoms include;

  • Difficulty to breath or shortness of breath
  • Fever
  • Coughing and sneezing.
  • E fit also lead to organ failure
  • Pneumonia
  • And Death

If pesin don dey in contact with pesin dem suspect say get coronavirus, or e don go area wey di virus don spread enta, di advice of health sabi pipo na to do ‘self-isolation‘. Dis mean say di pesin go sidon put for house for at least 14 days, and make sure im no follow anybody do touch-touch during dat period.

Coronavirus tips: How to self-isolate to prevent di spread of Covid-19
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How to treat Coronavirus

Coronavirus no get official cure although many goments don find way to maanage di sickness and even cure patients to di point say dem test negative. Like in di case of Nigeria and thousands for China – wia di disease bin start from.

President Donald Trump of di United States on 19 March bin announce say chloroquine melecine (wey be before-before malaria treatment) fit cure Covid-19, although im contri sabi pipo for FDA later deny say e possible. And say no be dem tell oga Trump dat kain tin.

Again World Health Organisation never comot to say dis na how to treat. Di advice to avoid touch-touch wit patient and to report if you get di symptoms, still dey valid as we dey write dis tori.

BBC Pidgin Covid 19 graphics


Medical staff carry a box as they walk at the Jinyintan hospital, where the patients with pneumonia caused by the new strain of coronavirus are being treated, in Wuhan

Fifteen medical staff for Wuhan na im di virus don infect

Who dey for more risk?

  • Older pipo plus those wey bin get medical conditions before (like diabetes and heart disease) dey for more risk to dey seriously sick with di virus, according to WHO.
  • Health workers wey dey care for pesin wey dey sick with COVID-19 disease dey for higher risk and must protect demsef with di correct infection prevention and control procedures.

How dis Virus dey spread

  • According to di World health Organization, dis new coronavirus na respiratory virus wey dey spread mainly through contact with infected pesin through discharge wey come out from di pesin. For example, coughs or sneezes, or through droplet of saliva or discharge from di nose.
  • Coronaviruses na zoonotic, meaning say na from animals na im humans dey contact di virus.
  • Pipo wey dey live or travel go area wia di CODVID-19 virus start (Hubei, China) fit dey for risk of infection. Those wey dey infected from oda kontries dey among pipo wey recently travel from China or wey don dey live or work closely wit those travellers, like family members, co-workers or medical professionals wey dey care for patient before dem know say di patient dey infected with di virus.

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Where Coronavirus don spread reach?

As at 20 March, di coronavirus COVID-19 dey affect 182 countries and territories around di world and 1 international ship (di Diamond Princess cruise ship wey don park for Yokohama, Japan).

At least 10,495 pipo don die from di virus so far and na nothing less than 255,811 pipo don get di Covid 19 disease for more than 182 kontris, according to Worldometer.

BBC Pidgin also find out say at least 89,918 around di world don recover.

Coronavirus inside Africa

For Africa, 14 February na important date as na dat di day authorities for Egypt announce dia first case, wey also mark di first one for di continent.

As e be so Nigeria and oda kontries for di continent don order make borders dey closed and make schools, public events no hold again until di disease do reduce well-well.

Dis na from recommendation of WHO and wetin oda kontries all over di world sef don dey do.

Which area di Coronavirus for start


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Di outbreak happun for di city of Wuhan, south of Beijing

Dem identify di first human case of di virus di Chinese city of Wuhan for December 2019 wey hundreds of pipo begin sick.

Experts still dey try to work out how di outbreak take begin exactly and how big di threat of di virus dey.

Countries and cities where cases have been reported


Report say na animal fit be di source of di virus and dem don link am to pipo wey dey visit one local market but e don spread now to oda parts of China plus also Thailand, Japan and South Korea.

Many airport dey screen pipo to stop di virus make e no spread further.

Important dates of di Coronavirus

Virus in the lung

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Di virus dey cause serious lung disease

  • 31 December: China alert WHO about di spread of pneumonia-like cases inside Wuhan
  • 1 January: Dem close di seafood/animal market wey dem believe say be di centre of di outbreak
  • 9 January: WHO say di infection na one new type of coronavirus cause am.
  • 11 January: First death confam
  • 20 January: Number of cases triples to more than 200, and outbreak spreads go Beijing, Shenzhen and Shanghai; dem confam di third death; Chinese officials confam human-to-human transmission
  • 21 January: US authorities announce di first case inside North America – one man wey go visit Wuhan
  • 22 January: Death toll climb to nine, with more than 400 cases wey dem don confam
  • 11 February: WHO give coronavirus di name Covid-19
  • 14 February: Egypt announce first case – also first in Africa
  • 9 March: Italy Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announce lockdown of di whole kontri
  • 11 March: WHO declare di outbreak as pandemic
  • 19 March: Italy overtake China as di kontri wet get di most deaths from coronavirus – 3,405 don die for di European kontri compared to 3,245 for China.