George Floyd funeral happun for Houston

Image shows Rodney Floyd (L) and Philonise Floyd (C) brothers of George Floyd, attending their brother's funeral service

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Mourners wear “I can’t breathe” badges for di service

Dem dey bury George Floyd today for Houston, two weeks afta im die for white police man hand wey cause worldwide protest against racism.

Dem carry im coffin waka from di church wia dem bin dey showcase am and dem bury am beside im mama.

Di service hold for Fountain of Praise church before dem carry im coffin for carriage wey horse draw, go Pearland for Houston.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz bin tell pipo to honour di burial with eight minutes and 46 seconds of silence for di state. Na di length of time wey di police officer leave im knee for George Floyd neck before im die.

US Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden wey visit di family say di death of George Floyd “go change di world”.

For di video wey im do for di burial service, di former vice presido tok say justice for Floyd go mean say America dey on im way to racial justice.

Dem bin set up barriers for di road wey dem dey pass im coffin so di public go fit pay dia respect as di procession dey pass.

Di place wey dem im coffin go land las-las

Oga Floyd casket go end up here wey dem go lay am next to im mama.

Im bodi bin dey on display for di Fountain of Praise church on Monday for six hours.

Dem bin do memorial services for oga Floyd for both Minneapolis and for North Carolina, wia dem born am.

Oga Floyd casket dey enta back churc for service

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E reach five hundred pipo wey go di funeral service including politicians dem.