Nkoka Kingsley: Lawyers discover ‘missing’ journalist for SED Yaoundé

Lawyers don discover ‘missing’ journalist, Njoka Kinsley Fomunyuy for Secretariat of State for Defence, SED for Yaoundé afta deh arrest e for Douala.

“Security forces suspects say Njoka di sponsor separatist. Also, criticise de way goment di handle Anglophone crisis for e tori. Say e dey for plenti social media groups weh deh di share informate about crisis for Anglophone regions”, de lawyers tok.

We, AKUWIYDZE Joseph, PEKUM Emmanuel and AMUNGWA Tanyi, lawyers for Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and co, say deh fit confirm say Njoka Kingsley, (Journalist) dey for SED.

“Njoka di look pale and weak for seka say e di drink na mostly wata, e bi traumatized afta 24 days weh e no tok wit e family and lawyers”, de lawyers tok.

Njoka e case kam up as journalists and lawyers bi di shine eye Samuel Wazizi, de pidgin news presenter weh e die for army cell last year and na only for June, 2020 weh tori komot.

Laik Wazizi, security forces arrest Njoka Kingley, for Douala, for May 15 and e no tok for any man since.

De arrest bin bi for sharp morning weh deh arrest e, den later bring e for Yaoundé dat same day, lock e for SED. Family and lawyers no bi sabi wusai e dey.

Security forces take three of e computers and e phone for check’am if na true or not de accuse for e head.

Since weh Anglophone crisis start for 2016, authorities don arrest about seven journalists weh deh dey ngata.

Since 2019, Cameroon don enta bad books for Committee to protect Journalists as one of de kontris weh deh maltreat journalists, 139 out of 180.