Coronavirus symptoms: Wetin e be and how e different from cold

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Loss of smell or taste na wetin dey among list of coronavirus symptoms wey pipo suppose dey aware of and ready to act upon.

Wetin be di coronavirus symptoms?

Scientific advisers tell di UK goment to update dia advice. Dem say di symptoms to look out for na:

  • New cough wey dey continue
  • Fever
  • Loss of smell or taste

If you, or somebody you dey live with, get any of dis symptoms di advice na to sidon for house to stop di risk of giving coronavirus to others.

Di cough na new one wey dey continue, wia you go begin cough for more than one hour, or get three or more cough episodes in 24 hours. You get fever if your temperature dey above 37.8C.

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention list of symptoms also include chills, repeated shaking, muscle pain and sore throat.

E go take five days on average to start to dey show di symptoms, but some pipo go get dem much later. Di World Health Organization say incubation lasts up to 14 days.

Coronavirus key symptoms: High temperature, cough, breathing difficulties, loss of taste or smell


Wetin be cold symptoms?

According to World Health Organization, Covid-19 and influenza virus wey dey cause cold get similar disease presentation.

However, pipo wey get cold go typically experience symptoms within 1-3 days, oda symptoms include:

  • mild to moderate cough
  • runny nose
  • rare fever
  • sore throat
  • headache

Wen pipo need to go hospital?

Majority of pipo wit coronavirus go recover afta dem rest and take pain relief (such as paracetamol).

Di main reason pipo need hospital treatment na wen dem dey find am difficult to breathe.

Doctors fit scan di lungs to see how badly dem dey affected and give support, such as oxygen or ventilation, if dem need am.

If you no fit breathe wey be say you dey unable to speak more than few words you go need call your kontri help line for medical emergency.

How I fit protect myself?

Di best tin na to regularly and thoroughly wash your hand, preferably wit soap and water.

Coronavirus spreads wen pesin wey don dey infected cough or sneeze small droplets – wey di virus dey inside – into di air. You fit breath dis in or e fit cause infection if you touch surface e don land on.

So, coughing and sneezing into tissues, not to dey touch your face wit hand wey you no wash, and avoid close contact with infected pipo dey important.

People dey mostly infectious wen dem get symptoms, but some fit spread di virus even before dem sick.

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