South Africa police arrest mama wey report say her pikin dey miss afta dem find di deadi body

One south Africa woman don chop murder charge for di killing of her six years old daughter Alexia Nyamadzawo, afta dem find her deadi body wia dem dump am for sugar cane plantation for KwaZulu-Natal province early dis week.

Fungai Nyamadzawo bin first say some men wey she bin no sabi take di pikin from di back of her car.

She beg make dem help her locate di pikin.

Madam Nyamadzawo say di kidnapping happun for one road for Durban as she dey drive pass speed bump.

Di 42 years old mother wey neva tok weda or not she dey guilty, dey also face kidnapping charge and defeating di ends of justice.

Tori of Alexia kidnapping bin make South Africa pipo worry, as many of dem for social media show dia support for di family, dem bin even dey pray make dem find her alive.

Now dia worry don turn to shock as police arrest di mama.

Madam Nyamadzawo go remain for custody until she appear for court again on 10 June.

Alexia bin start school dis year.