Keke Palmer – American actress to National Guard: ‘Protect us … march wit us’ inside “Black Lives Matter” protests on blackout Tuesday

Di young black American celeb wey make US soldiers kneel down beg na im many pipo dey reason now as di protest against di death of George Floyd for police hand enta eight day on Wednesday.

Tori be say Keke Palmer make national guard kneel down to support di “Black Lives Matter” protests wit ‘some words’.

“We need una make una stand with us, march with us, di society make we comot dis gomental oppression, show us say you dey here for us! Make di revolution dey televised.” Palmer tok wen she and oda protesters confront oda soldiers for Califonia during di “Black Lives Matter” protest on Tuesday.

Dis dey come as protest for America Presido Donald Trump tok say im go deploy army to clear all di pipo wey dey protest for road, if state goments no control dem.

She say, “you get presido wey dey use second amendment as excuse for pipo to use gun on pipo wey dey protest.

You need to draw your ear, pay attention to wetin dey happun because we get presido wey dey try create race war.”

Di 26 year old black American celeb wey bin star for Hustlers wit Constance Wu come add say di solution na if soldiers and law enforcement officers follow for inside dia march wey dey dem dey do.

Dis na di very video tweet wen di US soldier kneel down for Keke Palmer

Plenti pipo comot for social media to hail di Akeelah and the Bee and Hustlers star.

Dis dey come as plenti celebrity don comot to tok wetin do dem wen dem go out to protest for di death of George Floyd.

Musician Ariana Grande bin join protest on top di mata and Riverdale actor Cole Sprouse tok say dem arrest am for Black Lives Matter protest for Santa Monica on top Instagram.

For even UK sef, celebrities dey protest, as dem show John Boyega dey outside dey protest for Black Lives and against racism

Oda celebs like Beyonce, Rihanna and |Cardi B chook dia mouth for social media on top police brutality even as di music indsustry for America mark #BlackOutTuesday for 2nd June wey dem no gree play music and post black posts for social media to stand for di cause.

Di protest neva end butlatest tori be say di American presido don come out tok say; “In 3 1/2 years, I don do much more for our Black population… than any President in U.S. history….