Africa Day: Angélique Kidjo, Aliko Dangote, Julius Malema na some of di 10 leaders wey millennial for fit learn pan- African spirit from

Africa Day na di day set aside to celebrate di start of movement for African Unity inside di world.

Di joinbodi of Africa formerly be Organisation of Africa Unity wen dey for May 25, 1963. Di reason wey AU dey necessary na to fight colonialism and apartheid – now all dat one don end but oda fight still dey.

Di organisation also dey look for di progress of Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon and e believe for one, united Africa continent.

As di continent dey celebrate Africa Day, BBC Pidgin look at ten African leaders wey millennial for di continent fit learn pan- African spirit from.

Dis ten wey make dis list don contribute to di continent in line wit di vision of African Union and dem dey popular among young pipo.

Julius Malema sits in front of a sign that says Freedom

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1. Julius Malema

Dis na one of Africa’s radical leaders from SouthAfrica. Malema dey popular for him red cap and his very Africa centric toks. He be di leader of major opposition party Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) for South Africa.

Im dey always campaign against inequality and failure of im former party African National Congress (ANC) to bring wealth and prosperty for di pipo of South Africa. Malema dey always advocate for land reform for im kontri and believe say Africa suppose be one.

But everything no dey rosy for Malema, as some pipo like, n aim some believe say im be hypocrite. In 2013, report comot say Malema dey owe goment tax of over one million dollars. Pleny whispers dey comot to question where di 38-year-old opposition leader gather di kain money wey im get.

Angélique Kidjo

Angélique Kidjo na popular African singer

2. Angélique Kidjo

For pipo wey love music, Kidjo na common name for di industry. She don win four Grammy Awards and plenty oda recognition lists don put her name. But, Kidjo no dey sing anyhow song. Her song dey get meaning and she be advocate for children for UNICEF and OXFAM. She also be spokesperson for the AFAWA initiative (Affirmative Finance Action for Women in Africa) wey she dey advocate say make women dey get money to do business.

Dem born Kidjo di same year Nigeria collect independent , 1960, for Benin and she don travel di worl, singing and to dey do advocacy for women and children for Africa. She bin get her own charity organisation wey dey give education to children for Africa.

3. Patrick Lumumba

Lumumba na 57 year old Kenya birn anti-corruption crusader, wey carry im name from Patrice Emery Lumumba, one Congolese politicians and leader wey die for 1961. Di younger Lumumba, wey be lawyer, dey popular for im anti-corruption campaign and hot tok against corrupt African leaders.

Many of Lumumba’s toks dey centre around equal rights, good governance and Africa Unity. He believe say Africa no need to dey look at di west for ideas and policy, say di continent for set im own agenda.

4. Kwame Nkrumah

He be one of 20th century leaders wey fight for indpendenc of many African kontris. He be di first person to lead im kontri Ghana to independence for 1957. Many Africans see Nkrumah, wey die for 1972, as di father of independent movement and im be di father of modern day Ghana. He be di first Ghanian Prime Minister for Ghana.

He school for America and UK but dat one no cover im pan African sprite. He continue to fight fight for Africa unity and independence through his speech and active campaign. Dem go later remove am from goment through military coup for 1966.

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5. Robert Mugabe

Some pipo fit no like Mugabe. Wen im die for 2019, many pipo dey rejoice say Africa dictator don die but dat na half of di story of Mugabe of Zimbabwe. Im be one of di most popular African leaders with plenty of im quote plenty for internet.

Young Mugabe start as Nkrumah, dey campaign for independence of im kontri from colonial master. Like Nelson Mandela, im go prison and from di prison, im dey control political party outside. Mugabe policies help plenty black farmer wey no get land before get land. He also break monopoly of white farmers for di kontri.


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Nelson Mandela don die but na hero for South Africa till today

6. Nelson Mandela

Mandela dey very popular among old and young pipo. HE be di South Africa anti-aperthied campaigner wey go prison for 27 years and later come back to chop president of di kontri. Mandiba as pipo like to call am dey famous for him call for peace and unity even after dem cancel aperthied for South Africa.

Until e die for 2013, Nelson Mandela never stop do dey campaign for democracy, equality and learning. Even as black pipo suffer racism, e continue to dey call for peace even as e condemn racism.

7. Thomas Sankara

Pipo all over di continent dey call Sankara di ‘African Che Guevera’ and even till dis day, 27 years afta dem assassinate am at di age of 37.

Pipo like im leadership style and na why military authority no like am wen im dey politics. But, every young pipo wey dey read book and wey dey conscious like Sankara for im exemplary leadership and love for Africa.

Sankara still dey generate respect on di same level as other African leaders like South Africa Nelson Mandela and Patrice Lumumba of Zaire (now Democratic Republic of Congo).

Na for 1983, di Captain Sankara overthrow top generals for coup become president with di help of im childhood friend, former president Blaise Compaore.

But by 1987, soldiers wey dey loyal to Compaore right-hand man and later head of di presidential guard, Gilbert Diendere, kill am.

President Andry Rajoelina for one ceremony to launch Covid Organics for Antananarivo - 20 April 2020

President Rajoelina launch Covid Organics wey im say fit cure coronavirus

8. Andry Rajoelina

48 year old President of Madagascar become more popular sake of coronavirus wen im begin t dey advertise say im kontri don get coronavirus cure.

Rajoelina bin one of di youngest presidents for Arica n dim don do plenty things from im young life wey be inspiration for many Africans. Im enter politics for 2007 and im defeat di incumbent president for 2007 to be President.

9. Paul Kagame

Many pipo don call Kagame di President of Africa because of di good work wey im dey do for Rwanda. Im kontri be highest rated kontri for women inclusion for politic. Dem be 50% affirmative action for women.

In 1980s, Kagame fight for di Yoweri Museveni army and become senior Ugandan army officer. He policies for Rwanda prioritized national development. Kagame serve as Chairperson of di African Union. As di Chairman, Kagame promote di Single African Air Transport Market (SAATM) and di African Continental Free Trade Area.

Although im dey do good things policy wise for di kontri, critics believe say im be autocratic and hate opposition.

10. Aliko Dangote

Dat na di rickets man for Africa wey be from Nigeria. If anything, im plenty money dey make many young people like am. Im be di owner of Dangote Group and dey deal for many businesses for Africa.

According to Forbes, im get 13 billion USD as worth and be 85 richest for di world. During di coronavirus palava, im give di biggest individual donation for Nigeria.

Dangote dey ontop di board of di Corporate Council on Africa, and be member of di committee for United Nations Secretary-General’s Global Education First Initiative, di Clinton Global Initiative and the International Business Council of the World Economic Forum.

Editor’s note: Dis list fit pass 10 but for dis tori as e concern young pipo, dis ones na im BBC Pidgin select as leaders wey don demonstrate di true African spirit wey a millennial fit learn from.