Coronavirus: Meet di dogs wey UK goment wan train to smell coronavirus

Test don begin for Britain to see if dogs fit use dia ogbonge nose smell coronavirus.

Dogs don already sabi how to use dia nose to detect pipo wey get malaria, Parkinson’s disease and some types of cancer.

Now, authorities for UK dey hope say di same fit happun for coronavirus wit six special dogs dem wey dem go use four to six weeks train.

Di UK goment comot £500,000 to use support di project.

Dia plan be say dem go use dis dogs test pipo wey dey enter di kontri through places like airports, and e go fit test 250 pipo in one hour.

Dr Claire Guest wey follow dey train dis dogs say: “Di plan na say dis dogs go fit test anybody, even those wey dia symptoms never show. E go dey fast, effective and e no go touch pesin body.”

UK no be di first to begin do dis Covid-19 dog training as France bin don get one similar program wey dem start for April.