Paul Biya speech: Three tins weh kontri pipo go wan hear from di president

Cameroon's President and head of Cameroon People's Democratic Movement Paul Biya speaks to media after casting his vote at a polling station during presidential elections in Yaounde, Cameroon on October 07, 2018.

Anadolu Agency/Getty Images
President Biya don dey for power since 1982

Cameroon President Paul Biya go address e kontri pipo as kontri di mark 48 years wen de two sides, Southern Cameroons and French Cameroon join as one kontri.

For May 20, 1972, de two unit join as one but tomorrow, public celebration no go dey, for seka Covid-19.

Na de second taim for history weh Cameroon no go celebrate dis unity day, de first taim na wen army bi wan take over kontri by force for 1984.

E happen say na de first taim since weh Cameroon confirm first case Covid-19 enta kontri for march 6.

So wetin kontri pipo go wan hear?

  • Goment supporters go expect for make president tok for confirm say e dey strong and nova die or di sick laik some pipo don di to up and down say e don die.
  • Kontrti pipo di wait for hear some kana surprise from president e mop as e concern dis fight for Covid-19 since na de first taim e go tok for kontri pipo.
  • Dem go wan hear about di Anglophone prisoners, Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe and odas weh deh lock for seka say dey wan komot form dia own kontri. E nova tay weh president free some prisoners but Anglophone prisoners no dey among.