President Buhari latest news: Nigeria leader no dey wear facemask – Dis na di main reason

Oga dem wey dey work wit Nigeria president, Muhammadu Buhari don explain di reason why di president no dey wear facemask as some Nigerians don hala on top dis issues.

Nigeria don make am by force for everi pesin to use facemask in order to stop di spread of coronavirus and na di president approve am since 4 May but Buhari himsef no dey wear face mask at all.

Di president dey safe without face mask because all di time wey im dey appear for public, everybodi around am dey always wear face mask. Na wetin Bashir Ahmed wey be personal assistant to president Buhari on new media, tell BBC.

President Buhari don recieve plenti guest for im domot (Aso Rock presidential villa) without facemask.

“First of all, di president no be di only president for di world, you can see majority of world leaders no dey use face mask. Anywia di president dey, you can see say everybody around am dey use face mask.

Even di world Health organization tok say for environment wey everybodi wear facemask, then e dey allowed for only one pesin not to wear face mask. So anytime Mr president dey for public place, all di pipo around am dey wear face mask.” Di presidential assistant add.

But police don arrest and authorities dey harass law pipo wey fail to wear facemask and so many odas dey para why di kontri leader no dey wear mask like some African leaders.

On Saturday, Lauretta Onochie wey be di social media assistant to di president bin tweet say president Buhari no break any rule by not wearing face mask.

According to expert Medical Protocol, ‘if you dey for your safe environment, you no need to wear mask and those wey wan visit you must wear masks to make sure say dem no leave droplets for your environment.’ Onochie add.

Di World Health Organization (WHO) currently tok say only two groups of pipo suppose wear protective masks, dat na;

  • Those wey dey sick and show symptoms of covid-19 like coughing and sneezing.
  • Those wey dey care for pipo wey dem suspect say get coronavirus

WHO advise make pipo reserve medical masks for healthcare workers.

Generally, dem no dey recommend Masks for di public because:

  • Mask fit dey contaminated by oda pipo coughs and sneezes, or wen pesin dey put am on or remove am.
  • frequent hand-washing and social distancing dey work wella.
  • Masks fit offer false sense of security

But all dis reason no mean say mask no get benefit at all for di general public – na just say di scientific evidence dey weak.

However, di rise in coronavirus daily infections since February 27 wen Nigeria record dia first COVID-19 case from an Italian don make kontri pipo dey shine eye on to di mata to prevent di spread.

Nigeria Centre for Disease control don lunch ‘Mask up Nigeria’ campaign to distribute free facemask across di kontri as part of prevention plan to stop COVD-19 spread.