Nollywood: Understanding why Kate Henshaw, Hilda Dokubo para say Emeka Rollas’s Actors Guild of Nigeria appoint Sen. Abbo patron

Di appointment wey Actors Guild of Nigeria give one Senator, wey become popular for slapping one lady inside sex toy shop for Abuja, don provoke some famous Nollywood actress dem.

41 year old Senator Elisha Abbo turn popular in 2019 afta 10 minutes CCTV video wey dem say involve dey slap and beat one lady inside one Abuja sex toy shop.

Now di Senator don collect extra appointment from Emeka Rollas, di leader of Actors Guild of Nigeria as di Patron of di group.

Di Actors Guild of Nigeria na di an umbrella union wey dey control and rep di affairs of film actors inside Nigeria film industry alias Nollywood for home and abroad.

Nigerian veteran actress and celebrity, Kate Henshaw tok say oga Rollas must give dem di criteria wey di excos take select di new patron wey dey cause katakata for di group.

Henshaw make dis demand wen she follow BBC pidgin tok on top di matter.

She say she go “like make di executive give us criteria wey dem tak choose our patron. Dem go also need give us history of person wey dem appoint. If person go put person for position, you must sabi who dey person be,”

Di actress wey say she be former Public Relations Officer for di joinbodi, add say di president hold di responsibility to all pipo wey be member.

Although the president of di guild, Emeka Rollas, say im no go fit prove if Henshaw be member of di actors joinbodi, na on top interview wey im give Plustv Africa im tok dat one.

“You fit be be star or celebrity but you fit no be member of our joinbodi,” Rollas tok for di interview.

Henshaw and some oda actresses like Hilda Dakubo don go social media to show dia vex ontop di appointment of senator Eliasha Abboh, Nigerian lawmaker wey dey represent Adamawa North Senatorial districts for di senate, as patron of di guild.

Dis actress dey vex say why man wey don slap woman before go be patron of dia association.

“To humble na di best thing”
The British Broadcasting Corporation

“Emeka Rollas. I no find your Twitter address, my name na Keta Henshaw and I no dey chop my words when I tok say @AbboElisha no dey worthy to be patron for di Actors Guild of Nigeria. We get women for di guild and we no want make person slap us!!” na wetin Henshaw tok put for Twitter be that.

When she follow our correspondent tok, she still put hand for chest say she tok wetin she tok. She con add put say person wey be paron go be person wey get moral and no be person wey dey slap women.

Last year, senator Abbo enter news after video show how im slap one woman for one shop wey dey sell sex toy for Abuja, capital of Nigeria.

Di senator still dey court over di matter and Henshaw tok say until im get di punishment wey im deserve, justice no go dey for di woman and every woman for Nigeria.

Henshaw tell BBC pidgin say because di exco get power to dey make some decisions for di members of di association, dem must do am with good of di members for mind. She add say she no even know di criteria wey di president tak appoint senator Abbo

“If you dey put somebody as statue say im go dey represent us, you suppose sabi wetin you dey do. Like proverb tok say, person wey go ask for justice must do am with clean hands. Pipo don already think say as we be entertainers, we no too dey serious but we need to dey set ground,” she tell BBC pidgin.

Rollas say im no see way Henshaw and di rest pipo dey vex. He say wetin pipo dey tok about “no count”.

“Wetin pipo suppose dey ask na if im come out to beg for wetin im do. Di woman wey im slap, did she say she no accept di beg?,~ na the questions wey Rollas ask on top interview for Plustv Africa be this.

Di president even say na Senator Abbo holy pass. Di president throw side yab for Henshaw and pipo wey dey against di appointment, im say many of dem no go even fit pass morality test.

Rollas add say committee for senate never tok say Senator Abbo dey guilty so im joinbodi no go be di one to call am guilty.

As di palava dey hot for social media, BBC pidgin try tok to di senator wey dey di eyes of di storm but im no reply message wey our correspondent send give am.