Coronavirus: See how students for dis African kontris dey help fight coronavirus

Blue protection cloth wey pesin wear

Cloth wey fit protect healthcare workers like dis one follow for wetin Africa students don produce to fight coronavirus

As kontris all over di world dey face shortage of important tins to use fight coronavirus, students for Africa don step forward to show say dem too fit contribute dia knowledge.

We look at some of di ogbonge tins wey some students for higher institution for Africa dey do.

Ventilator – Usman Dalhatu (Nigeria)

Dis ventilator na di work of Usman Dalhatu wey be 200 level Nigerian engineering student for Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

Usman wey follow BBC tok say na one month e take am to build di ventilator and im don already get plans to produce up to twenty of am. Di only tin im dey wait now na approval from Federal Teaching Hospital, Gombe, wey fit come any time now.

Facemask – Taha Grach (Tunisia)

As billions of pipo all over di world turn to facemask as dia first line of protection against coronavirus, di product don scarce so tey e be like gold for some places.

For Tunisia, northern Africa, students for di National School of Engineering for Sousse don begin produce facemask wit 3D Printing – wey be ogbonge technology to manufacture almost anytin.

Grach na one of di six students wey involve for di production and e tell BBC say dem dey make 300 per day.

Students at this Kenyan university are voluntarily making critical medical kits.
The British Broadcasting Corporation

Sanitizers, Facemask, PPE – (Kenya)

Students for Dedan Kimathi University of Technology for Kenya decide on dia own, to begin make important tins like sanitizer, facemask, personal protective cloth, afta dem see say many pipo no fit afford am.

Di Vice Chancellor of di school say Ndirangu Kioni say even N95 follow for one of di tins dem dey do.