Coronavirus treatment: Madagascar herbal cure – See wetin we sabi about dis drink

Bottles of Covid-Organics

Di president ask researchers to come up with locally made product, which dem do in record time

For some days now, tok about how Madagascar president don find cure for coronavirus don many.

Dis na afta di kontri president Andry Rajoelina launch one herbal drink wey im say dem make from plants like Artemisia wey dem used to treat Malaria.

Already presidents across African kontris like Tanzania, Guinea-Bissau and Comoros don make plans to import di drink.

Wetin dey inside di drink

Launched as Covid-Organics, dem produce di drink from di Artemisia plant – di source of ingredient wey dem dey use for malaria treatment and oda Malagasy plants.

Dem dey market am inside bottle and as herbal tea afta dem test am on less than 20 pipo over period of three weeks, na so di president chief of staff tell BBC.

President Andry Rajoelina attends a ceremony to launch Covid Organics in Antananarivo - 20 April 2020

President Rajoelina tell schoolchildren to sip di tonic throughout di day

Di Malagasy Institute of Applied Reseach (Imra) don “test am for two pipo and e don cure dia treatment”, according to president Rajoelina.

Im add say “dis herbal tea dey give results in seven days”.

Oga Rajoelina say di kontri dey work wit foreign researchers to create di drink as injections.

Madagascar as at Wednesday 6 May, get 158 confam case of coronavirus and 99 pipo don recover from di sickness and nobody don die, according John Hopkins University.

Di ‘cure’ dey safe?

World Health Organization (WHO) don advise pipo against di use of Covid-19 remedies wey dey untested.

“Africans deserve to use medicines wey dem test to di same standards as pipo for di rest of di world,” na so WHO, di United Nations health agency, tok in for statement on Monday.

“Even if therapies come from traditional practice and natural, to establish if e dey work and dey safe e dey important for am to go through serious clinical trials,” na so di statement add.

Meanwhile, di African Union say dem dey discuss wit Madagascar wit aim to obtain technical data regarding di safety and efficiency of di herbal remedy.

For attempt to reassure pipo and brush aside safety concerns, Rajoelina drink di Covid-Organics for di launch event and say e dey safe for children to take am.

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