‘We no get food for house wen passenger forget N15m inside my keke’

Auwal na 20 year old keke rider


Pipo for Kano state inside northwest Nigeria dey kontinu to celebrate tricycle (keke) rider Auwal Salisu wey return about N15M wey im passenger forget.

Chadian business man Alhaji Ibrahim Barka bin visit Kano to buy some tins and Auwal carry am for Keke from Badawa part of Kano to Bata market.

Alhaji Ibrahim bin carry with am over 10 million CFA and N2.9million wey e go use buy tins for market bifor e forget am inside keke.

Speaking to BBC News Pidgin Auwal tok say na huge temptation wey im and im family overcome due to dia fear of God despite say dem no get food for house.

“On di day wey I see di money we no even get any food for house.

Afta I drop am I no carry any passenger I just go find one place park dey try dust off di keke na for dia I sight di money.

I rush back to wia I drop di man off but unfortunately I no see am na why I decide to carry di money go house for safe keeping.

On Saturday wen I hear di announcement on Arewa Radio na im I carry di money go dia so dat di owner go get im hard earned money back.”

Na wen Auwal show im parents di money dem come decide to wait as dem know say di owner go start to search for di money so dat dem go return am.

Di business man happy as e see im money return

Dis na when dem dey count di money after Auwal return am

Mallama Hadiza Mohammed na Auwal mama and she tell BBC News Pidgin say na only N150 garri and 50 kuli kuli dem bin take dat day as dem no get food.

“So na just fear of God and discipline help us as if na some pipo dem go use inside di money buy food but we persevere as we no say no be our money.”

“My pikin don already get home training and wetin evri parent suppose give dia pikin so dat worldly tins no go dey move am.”

Mallama Hadiza say dem appreciate di good samaritan wey bring three bags of rice for dem since her pikin return di money on Saturday.

On im part Auwal say im dream now na to return to school as e drop out wen e bin dey JSS3.

“I drop out after JSSCE but now one good man don comot to say e go pay make I kontinu.”

Even di Keke no be Auwal get am as na im friend dey give am to use am get wetin to chop.

“For di past three years na my friend dey give me sometimes to go get small money like N500 or N1000 to use chop.”

20 year old Auwal say im dream now na to return to school to finish im education

20 year old Auwal say im dream now na to return to school to finish im education

E also deny all di rumours on social media wey dey tok say some rich pipo for Kano don dash am house, new keke and oda tins.

“Di only tin na dat Chadian business man wey dash me N400,000 inside di money so all di oda gifts no be true.”

Broda of di Chadian business man Musa Hassan wey tok on behalf of di business man as na only French e sabi tok say dem dey happy and wetin Auwal do na big tin for dia eye.

“Dis young man don prove say good pipo no go ever finish for dis world.

Wen e see dis money dem no even get food for house so no be small discipline make am return dis money,” E tok while crying.

“My broda and I tink say dis money don go afta e forget am.”