We go get bigger house for Uganda if we win Britain’s Got Talent – Ghetto Kids

Ghetto kids, di group of Ugandan children don enta di final of di ogbonge UK talent show Britain’s Got Talent.

Ghetto kids don win di over di judges and di public wit dia dance moves wey dey sweet pipo belle and dia personalities.

Di children don already make history afta dem become di first pipo wey get “golden buzzer” by one of di judges before dem even finish dia performance.

Dis “golden buzzer” land dem for di semi-finals wey happun on Wednesday, wit dem receive most of di public votes.

Dis one mean say dem be part of di 10 finalists wey go perform for di final on Sunday.

Who Ghetto Kids really be?

Uganda Ghetto Kids dey seek glory in Britain Got Talent
The British Broadcasting Corporation

Ghetto kids na a group of six children wey dey between di ages of six and 13.

All of dem come from poor background wey no too get money for Kampala, di capital of Uganda.

Na dia guardian Dauda Kavuma – di pesin wey dey take care of dem- wey don turn dia manager cari dem, begin care for dem like dia mama and papa.

Im tell BBC say im hope say dia success go encourage oda children wey dey live for di same condition.

“We dey happy well well to dey do dis and to bring hope to all si children around di world wey dey for ghetto, wey dey disadvantaged, wey dey less privileged-we no fit make an for life.”

While dem dey get new pipo wey like dem for di UK, di Ghetto Kids na global internet sensation already. Dem bin perform for di 2022 World Cup for Qatar.

But one of di group members, Priscilla Zawedde wey dey 13 years tell BBC say if dem win di TV show -and di £250,000 ($313,000) prize money go mean ”a bigger house for everyone”

How dem dey live now

Thirty children dey live togeda inside five-bedroom house for Kampala, wit dia guardian Kavuma Dey take care of dem.

Im set up di Inspire Ghetto Kids Foundation for 2007 to care for street children for Kampala and for nearby Makindye. Im tell di AFP news Agency say to get a house wey big pass wit dem dey stay now go be “dream” as di children go get more space.

For now, dem dey rely on donations from well wishers, money wey dem Dey get from dia social media posts and fees wey dem dey get from live performance dem.

Kavuma also start life from street before one man give am chance afta im see am dey play football and ask am if im wan to go school.

“Im allow me join im team and help me pay my school fees. Na pesin wey help me even though im no sabi me. So from dat day I promise myself say wen I grow up I go help one pikin one day.” Kavuma tell BBC

But I’m on switch to music wey im dey use change di lives of oda pipo.

“Most pipo fino say street children no get value for society but I no dey tink like dat.

“I ask mysef what if I use music, dance and drama to change di lives of pipo wey no too get for di ghettos?” Im tok.

Akram Muyana wey dey 13 years tell BBC say dancing na di only way wey in dey use run away from reality afta im papa die.

“Anytime I dance I dey feel happy and my stress dey comot. I start to go churches dey dance to get money to give my mama make she buy clothes and food for me.”

Dis na di second generation of Kavuma Ghetto Kids to get global attention-di first generation dem discover dem wen dem dey dance to Ugandan singer Eddy Kenzo’s “Sitya loss” dem go on to get millions of YouTube views.