Tins to do and avoid during Ramadan, all you need sab about di ‘holy month’

Di crescent and star to symbolise ramadan

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Dis year Ramadan go start on Thursday, 23 March 2023, dis na base on wetin Saudi Arabia moon-sighting committee tok.

Saudi Arabia bin tok for statement say dia Obsevers bin no spot di moon on Tuesday, meaning say fasting no go start until Thursday.

On Wednesday Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar III confam di sighting of di moon.

E say Ramadan 1444AH/2023 begin Thursday as di Arabian council tok.

Muslims go observe fasting for di holy month for 29 or 30 days based on di Islamic Lunar calendar.

Wednesday go be di last day of di month of Shabaan, wey dey bifo Ramadan, dis one dey confam for statement wey Saudi Arabia release.

During di month of Ramadan, Muslims no go chop or drink during di hours of daylight.

Pikins dem no dey expected to fast until dem reach puberty.

Wetin be Ramadan?

Ramadan na di ninth month of di Islamic Lunar calendar.

Di exact dates of Ramadan dey change evri year. Dis na sake of say Islam dey use calendar based on di cycles of di Moon.

Di month of Ramadan dey regarded as di holiest month of di Islamic calendar.

E dey believed say di month of Ramadan be wen di Quran dey revealed to Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon am).

Na more dan 1.9 billion Muslims worldwide dey observe Ramadan.

To observe Ramadan be one of di five holy pillars of Islam and e dey compulsory for all Muslims wey dey good health.

Di Muslim world dey always look up to Saudi Arabia to determine di start of Ramadan and oda religious holidays, although each kountri get dia own sighting sake of time difference.

How Ramadan be?

Most Muslims dey fast between dawn and sunset. Fasting dey allow Muslims to devote demselves to dia faith.

E dey believed say e go teach self-discipline and remind dem of di suffering of di poor.

However, pikins, pregnant women, elderly pipo and those wey dey sick or dey travel no need to fast.

During Ramadan, e dey common to chop one meal (aka sahoor), just bifo sunrise and anoda one (aka iftar), directly afta sunset.

Almost all Muslims try to give up bad habits during Ramadan.

As na time for prayer and good deeds. Dem dey try to spend time wit family and friends and help pipo wey dey in need

Pesin wey dey recite Quran

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10 tins to do during Ramadan

According to di Quran Ramadan na all about goodness, patience and forgiveness.

  • Recite Quran: Ramadan na di time to communicate wit Allah and pesin gatz recite the Holy Quran as many times as possible and reflect on di verses for daily lives.
  • Offer prayers: During Ramadan, all Muslims ghatz observe Salat, five times for one day. Salat na one of di Five Pillars of Islam and dey help Muslims to ask Allah for forgiveness and guidance.
  • Observe fast: Fasting during Ramadan dey considered to be one of di best practice as per Islamic culture wey get plenti reward.
  • Do charity: Dis holy month dey encourage brotherhood and compassion, and pipo dey make sure to offer some part of dia wealth to those wey dey in need.
  • Practice self-discipline and self-control: During di month of Ramadan, e dey good to embrace community spirit of compassion, self-control and self-discipline.
  • Maintain celibacy: Ramadan na time to allow plenti prayers and create strong bond wit di Almighty. So muslims dey maintain celibacy during dis pious period.
  • Show respect: One gatz dey tolerant, compassionate and forgiving, as dis na wetin Ramadan dey try teach.
  • Dress properly: Modesty dey key, so e dey better to dress properly, avoid ill-fitted clothes.
  • Wish your friends: To wish friends and family members, enjoy family meals and time wit each oda, and give gifts for Iftar be common traditions of Ramadan.
  • Encourage Unity: Ramadan be di time to promote unity among friends, family and community as a whole. E dey good to Pray and eat togeda to help bond.

Five tins you no suppose do during Ramadan?

Here na some tins wey you no suppose do and must run away from during fasting.

  • No food/water during fasting period: Fasting na di most significant part of Ramadan, dat na why you need do away from eating and drinking between dawn and dusk.
  • No keep malice: Ramadan na all about forgiveness, wey be why you no suppose hold rancour against anybodi.
  • No chew gum: During Ramadan, e dey best make pesin no chew gum or smoke.
  • No listen to loud music/songs: Respect di view of those wey dey fasting or pray during dis holy period.
  • No waste time: Ramadan be one pious period, and e dey good to try use time wella to pray to Allah and nurture discipline.