Latest coronavirus cases in Nigeria: ‘I bury 34 corpses in just four days for Kano’ since Covid-19 outbreak

Muhammad Inuwa

Muhammad Inuwa say e bury 34 pipo in di last four days for Dan Agundi graveyard

Muhammad Inuwa na grave digger and pesin wey dey helep bury dead bodi for Dan Agundi graveyard for Kano, northwest Nigeria and e tell BBC say im and 3 oda workers use dia hand bury 34 pipo in di last four days.

Many reports and pipo for social media dey tok say deaths for Kano in the last few days don go up wella with Nigerian Newspaper Daily Trust reporting on Tuesday say na 150 pipo die in 3 days.

Muhammad wey yan say e don dey do dis job wey im inherit from im father for 45 years say personally e no believe say na coronavirus or anoda strange disease dey kill pipo for Kano.

“In di last 4 days me and 3 oda pipo wey dey work here bury 34 pipo, today (Tuesday) we don bury 5 already and noon neva reach.”

Dan Agundi graveyard

Dan Agundi graveyard for Kano

“I no be medical pesin but for me oh, i no believe say na any disease because i don dey do dis job for 45 years and every heat period di rate of deaths dey increase even though dis one pass oda years small.”

Muhammad say dem dey do di work without any salary na just because dem feel say dem go get reward for heaven.

Anoda grave digger Uba Abdullahi wey dey Gandu graveyard tell BBC say dia own side dey normal because in di last 3 days na only 3 pipo dem bury wey dey okay.

“For here na only 3 pipo we bury in di last 3 days wey dey okay.” Uba wey be grave digger for 15 years tok.

Kano grave digger, Uba Abdullahi

Uba Abdullahi say na only 3 dem bury for dia side

Abu Garzal wey dey stay Kano city lose im papa 4 days ago and e say na 8 pipo die for dia area in one week.

“Dem bury my papa on Friday and on dat same day na three of dem die for my area and after dat 5 oda pipo don die wey make 8 pipo wey we dey mourn for our area.”

Baba Ado also lose im papa wey be 75 years old and e yan say dem no dey suspect coronavirus or any strange disease because already dia papa get diabetes.

“Wetin dey worry my papa na diabetes and before e die e no show any sign of any strange disease like coronavirus or any other one.”

BBC Pidgin Covid 19 graphics


Kano state ministry of health say dem dey investigate all di reports of deaths wey dem dey get and go disclose wetin dia findings show.

Tok tok pesin for di ministry Hadiza Namadi add say make pipo continue to dey sanitize dia hands and maintain social distancing for dis period.