Drama as Bank staff jump back fence run leave customers for Warri

Plenty drama na im don dey happun for Banks as di scarcity of new notes kontinu to affect both di banks, business pipo and many Nigerians.

Different videos of di dramatic incidents, long queues and struggles wey dey happun for banks and ATM don go viral for social media.

One recent viral video show how some staff for one commercial bank dey jump through fence and run from crowd wey don dey frustrated and desperate to get cash.

According to one eye witness, di incident happun on Monday 6 February 2023 for Warri Delta State, South-south Nigeria.

For di video, di workers for di new generation bank wey include one pregnant woman dey try run for dia safety as tempers begin rise.

Di staff begin escape through di back fence of di bank as dem call on security operative for phone to hurry come recue di situation.

All dis dey happun as di Central Bank of Nigeria deadline to stop di use of old naira notes (N200, N500 and N1,000) don draw near- dat na 10 February 2023.

However, di new naira notes neva too circulate even as na few days remain to di deadline.

Sake of dis, pressure for banks and ATM don increase and many Nigerians don dey lose dia cool.

Reports don come out on how banks don experience violent attacks as customers dey struggle to get cash.

Wetin we know about di bank drama for Warri

Warri Bank staff jump fence


Afta video go viral for social media wey show some bank staff dey jump fence and run leave customers, BBC Pidgin try to find out wetin lead to di drama.

One Eye Witness say di customers bin dey complain say di bank service dey slow.

E say di bank itsef dey complain about poor network wey make dia service slow.

Den doz wey dey wait outside for queue make bank attend to dem begin vex – dis come lead to riot wey make di staff run for safety.

All dis drama happun for one of di new generation bank along Ogun-Effurun Road for Warri, Delta State on 6 February 2023.

Tori be say sake of di incident, di bank for Warri wey di drama for happun don close for now till further notice as fear no make di staff resume work.

Meanwhile, protest don happun for some parts of Nigeria on top di scarcity of di new naira notes and lack of cash.

For Benin, Edo state demonstrators block roads to protest di frustrations wey fuel and naira scarcity dey cause.

Di demonstartors no even obey di warning from di police wey say make dem no protest.

Also protest happun for Ogun state South-west Nigeria on top di scarcity of di new naira notes. Dis na days afta protest break out for Lagos and Oyo states.

Wetin dey cause scarcity of Nigeria currency?

Naira to naira


Central Bank of Nigeria for different times tok say dem don release enof moni wey fit go round yet naira notes both old and new still dey scarce for street.

Di highest bank explain for dia website wetin dem suspect say be di cause.

Dem say analysis of di currency wey dey in circulation show say na di general public wey dey hoard plenti of di new banknotes hold plenti proportion of di Nigerian currency outside di commercial banking system (COB).

Some videos wey circulate on social media show say true-true new naira notes dey as some pipo dey carry bundles of di new moni spary for party.

Some politicians dey also share di money for political gatherings.

Dat one make Godwin Emefiele bin come out to say im don do meeting wit anti corruption bodi to make sure say dem gbab pipo wey dey sell di new naira notes.

Di Economic and Financial Crimes Commission don also arrest some suspects for different parts of Nigeria wey dey sell di money.