Miracle new-born baby dem pull from Syria earthquake collapsed building

Picture of di baby for hospital

Di baby dey for stable condition now afta e land hospital in Monday wit bruises, lacerations and hypothermia

Rescue workers don save one new-born girl from under di rubble of one building wey destroy for north-west Syria afta di earthquake wey happun on Monday.

Her mama bin enta labour immediately afta di disaster and she born di baby before she die, one relative tok. Her father, four siblings and one aunt also die for di incident.

Dramatic footage show as one man carry di baby wey dust full im body afta dem pull her comot from di debris for Jindayris.

One doctor for one hospital for nearby Afrin say she dey stable condition now.

Di building wey her family dey live na one of di about 50 buildings wey report say di 7.8-magnitude earthquake for Jindayris destroy, one opposition-held town for Idlib province wey close to di Turkish border.

Di baby uncle, Khalil al-Suwadi, say relatives bin rush to di scene wen dem hear of di collapse.

“We hear one voice as we dey dig,” e tell AFP news agency on Tuesday. “We clear di dust and see di baby wit di umbilical cord as e still dey [intact], so we cut am and my cousin carry her go hospital.”

Paediatrician Hani Maarouf say di baby land im hospital in a bad condition, she get “several bruises and lacerations all over her body”.

“She also get hypothermia wen dem carry her come sake of di harsh cold. We gatz warm her up and administer calcium,” e add.

Dem take her foto as she dey for inside incubator and dey connected to a drip, at di same time, joint funeral bin dey go on for her mother Afraa, father Abdullah and her four siblings.

Dem pull di baby comot from di rubble of one destroyed building for Jindayris for Syriaa, she dey receive treatment for one hospital

Di baby dey for stable condition now afta e land hospital in Monday wit bruises, lacerations and hypothermia

Dem dey among di thousands of pipo wey don die sake of di earthquake for Syria, according to di Damascus-based goment plus di White Helmets, wey dia volunteer first responders dey operate for areas wia opposition plenty.

As at di time of dis report, 4,500 pipo don die for Turkey, wey be di epicentre.

“Time dey go. Hundreds still dey trapped under di rubble. Every second fit mean saving a life,” White Helmets tweet on Tuesday.

Reports say over 9,000 pipo don die for Turkey and Syria so far.

“We beg all humanitarian organisations and international bodies to provide material support and assistance to organisations wey dey respond to dis disaster.”

Di UN don vow to use “any and all means” possible to get aid to pipo for di north-west, but say dem don pause deliveries temporarily sake of damaged roads and oda logistical issues.

Control map of Syria

Control map of Syria