Family of four, mama, papa and dia pikin follow die for di Ojuelegba truck accident

BBC Pidgin don confam say one family of four follow die for di truck accident wey happun on Sunday, 29 January 2023 for Ojuelegba, Lagos Nigeria.

Dem include di papa, mama, one male pikin and one female pikin from same family.

Police tok tok pesin for Lagos Benjamin Hundeyin say di names of di family of four na Emeka Okoli (papa), Ifeyinwa Okoli (mama), Chidiebube Okoli (son) and Ifechukwu Okoli (daughter).

Oda deceased victims wey Lagos goment release dia names na Basirat Olatokumbo King ‘F’, Blessing Isioma ‘F’, Abdulrahman Okoya Sunday ‘M’ and Felix John Ifeanyi ‘M’.

So far na only dose eight names dey identified among di deceased victims for di accident wey kill at least nine pipo ontop di popular Ojuelegba bridge for Lagos.

Authorities say one pesin survive di accident and she be woman. She dey hospital dey collect treatment.

Eye witness account of how di accident happun

Picture of di danfo wey di truck container fall ontop

Picture of di danfo wey di truck container fall ontop

Di accident happun for di popular Ojuelegba bridge wia plenti similar accident don happun for in di past wey don claim lives.

Di accident na between one truck wey carri container and one small commercial bus wey carri full load of passengers.

Muyidin Rassiu wey witness how di accident happun tell BBC Pidgin say di small bus bin dey load for di entrance of di bridge before di container truck approach di bridge.

“Di truck drive enta di bridge but no fit climb go higher, na so e begin role back, di container wey dey ontop fall off fall on top di small bus” na so Muyidin tok.

According to am, buses dey normally load for di spot of di accident but dat day traffic no dey dia as na Sunday wen roads dey dey less busy.

E say “plenti pipo die, almost 10 pipo die. E get one woman wey dey alive and dem rush am go hospital”.

Ojuelegba wia di accident happun

Ojuelegba wia di accident happun

Anoda pesin wey dey di location wen our reporter visit dia say trucks wey carri containers no suppose to dey climb di bridge, dem suppose to dey follow under di bridge, but some boys under di bridge dey stop and collect moni from dem, sake of dat dem dey avoid to dey follow dat path.

Govnor order trial of driver and owner of container

Lagos state Govnor Babajide Sanwo-Olu don order make dem prosecute di driver of di truck wey container fall from and kill pipo.

Afta di accident happun on Sunday, govnor of di state say di accident and death na one too many, e direct di police to speed up dia investigation on di mata.

For statement, di govnor say dem go use dis case send strong message to dose road users wey no send di lives of dia fellow road users.

E confam say di driver and di owner dey police custody.

For di statement wey Lagos Commissioner for Information sign, di govnor say di ministry of works and di Nigerian Ports Authority need to work togeda to ensure say cases of fallen trucks go stop.

Similar accidents for di bridge

Container truck on Lagos bridge

Container truck on Lagos bridge

Before di latest incident, plenti accidents wey involve container trucks bin don dey happun on di Ojuelegba bridge and oda parts of Lagos.

For June 2018, truck wey carri plywood fall ontop three commercial buses and one private car.

Lagos Emergency Management Agency LASEMA say at least two pipo die for di accident and plenti injure

Similar accident happun for same Ojuelegba bridge on January 25, 2022 wen truck wey carri container run off di road climb di barricade and hang dia.

Pipo for don die and many for don injure if to say di barricade no hold di truck.

For July 2020, container fall from truck and land ontop cars for di Oshodi Apapa expressway and kill three pipo.

Lagos goment say dem prosecute di driver and di owner of dat container, say court convict dem and di two collect life imprisonment.

Federal road safety commission and Lagos emergency management agency confam say at least nine pipo die for di accident wit one loan survivor wey still dey recuperate for hospital.

E never dey clear di hospital di survivor dey. E never also dey clear di identity of di oda deceased victims nor dia families