Wetin I go do if I lose di election – Atiku Abubakar

Atiku Abubakar

Atiku Abubakar sidon tok wit di BBC about im bid for president

Presidential candidate of di Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Atiku Abubakar say e don ready to be president for long becos e understand di problem of di kontri.

E say im plan na to leave better kontri for Nigerians inclucing im own pikin dem.

Atiku for interview wit BBC say im no dey desperate to be president, contrary to wetin pipo dey tink.

E say im go accept im destiny no mata di outcome of di 25 February  election.

“I get many pikin dem, I bring dem up well, send dem go di best schools both within and outside Nigeria.

“As I normally tell dem, I don live my life and if I should bring dem back home which kind kontri I wan leave for dem.

“No be only for my pikins but for di future generation”.

“Dis thinking wey dey my mind na di tin wey dey di mind of every parent for Nigeria, which kind kontri I wan leave for my pikin dem?.

E say dis be one of im reasons to determine to run for office of di president of di Nigeria.

Wen oga Atiku answer to di kwesion say wetin go happun if im lose, e say “I go take am, na my fate, I go take am in good faith. No be me be di first loser and I no go be di last”, e add.

‘No oda party part from PDP and APC’

Before di 2015 election Oga Atiku bin dey call for power rotation but now im dey bid to take over from anoda northerner like am, BBC presenter bin ask am.

Im response be say “we dey look am from one narrow angle”, explaining say Nigeria get two political parties, APC and PDP, e say Labour party neva contest for presidential election before and di party no get political structure.

“Wen PDP bin dey power, out of di 16 years, 14 years of those years power bin dey live for di south. Dem get different history if we compare to APC wey be just one alliance wey dey form about eight years ago, dem give power to di north”.

E say dat one na two different perspective.

“Nigerians for dia narrow sense, lump everytin togeda say power since we start democracy process bin dey for di north, na very very wrong perspective”.

‘Nothing to fear, I no dey sick’

About di health sector gbege and di wey doctors dey japa from di kontri, Oga Atiku say wetin to do na to invest for education.

E add say “once your investment target na to train more doctors for di kontri, you go produce more doctors.

“Den e go become di issue of weda you go get fair salary, living wage for doctors across di kontri, we fit do am we get di capacity to do am, we go do am”.

About weda im frequent trip abroad be for health concerns Oga Atiku say im no dey go for any major treatment abroad oda dan normal medical check-up.

“Di only medial problem wey I bin get if you remember be for 2006 during one election year wey I fall for staircase, I bin go Germany for treatment. I no get fracture I only get wetin dem dey call tendon rupture and dem bring am back wia e dey, na di only tin I get be dat”.

“If di electoral authority say make we produce our medical report I dey ready to produce am”.

BBC pesin further ask am weda e mean say if e become president im no go travel abroad for any medical treatment.

Oga Atiku say as long as any medical attention wey need dey available for di kontri im go use am. “But if e no dey available wetin you wan make I do, to sidon and die”.

If to bring medical pipo or to fly abroad whichever one dey cheaper for di kontri be wetin I go do, e add.

Assets declaration for candidates

Oga Atiku say im dey always declare im assets as e dey required but say if di law say make all candidates make am public im go declare am public.

Oga Atiku add say, im dey ready to be di change wey im dey preach.

About security worry for di kontri, oga atiku say im party and im, as candidate already design some kind approach to tackle di gbege.

“One of dem na to put more boots on di ground, more equipment, more training.

Di second aspect of dat na also to consider to create state police wia e dey necessary so we go fit get more levels of policing state level, local goment level and federal level.

“I tink say we need to review our policing system so we go make sure say we get police for every level”.

Atiku Abubakar also chook mouth on comment about di call by di All Progressives Congress say make Inec disqualify am sake of allegation of corruption.

E say nothing wey dey new inside di audio wey dem dey tok about.

E say everi tin about am already dey investigated and dem find nothing.