Man wey lose four relatives for Nasarawa attack tok of di pain

Idris Zakariya call on goment to put end to dia suffering


Di last few days surely no be di best for Idris Zakariya and im family as dem dey among several wey lose members after attack leave 27 pipo dead for Rukubu village on di border between Benue and Nasarawa state for central Nigeria.

Di Wednesday drone attack as Nasarawa govnor Engr Abdullahi Sule call am happun as Fulani cattle herders enter Benue state to collect dia cattle wey bin dey wit di state goment.

Idris tok about im pain with BBC News Pidgin wia e call on goment to compensate dem for all di human and cattle lives lost in di attack.

“I lose four of my pipo for dis attack and na something wey di pain still fresh, my brother Hassan wife enta labour as she dey cry wen she see im corpse dat na something I no go ever forget.”

“Hassan leave 8 children behind and a pregnant wife wey born baby girl on di day dem kill am, who go cater for im family now?”

“Dis no be di first time wey dem dey kill us, we no be kidnappers or terrorists just normal pipo wey wan survive, we want compensation from goment and also make dis be di last time.”

Idris yarn say some of di 27 wey die get up to four wives and plenty children and to continue to survive go be big problem.

“Even before dis killing we dey suffer wella for wia we dey as we not get value na so so disturbance we dey face.”

“E get Fulani’s wey I know we bin get almost 100 cattle before now na only 15 dem get, we no fit continue like dis.”

How di incident happun

Hassan leave behind pregnant wife and eight children

Idris brother Hassan lose im life for di attack
Idris say Hassan wife on di day her husband die

Late Hassan and some im children wey just start school
Abdullahi na young man wey get bright future according to Idris

Anoda of Idris brothers Abdullahi also lose im life
E leave behind wives and children

Ahmadu bin wounjure for di attack but lose im life for hospital

Nigeria Police last Thursday tok say na blast lead to di death of 27 pipo and leave many injured for one Rukubi border village between Nasarawa and Benue states.

For interview with BBC, commissioner of police for Nasarawa state Maiyaki Baba wey make di confirmation tok say dem get report about wetin happun on Wednesday morning.

“We wake up dat morning (Wednesday na im informate reach us say blast happun wey lead to di death of many pipo and cattle as well.”

Di commissioner add say at di moment police still dey investigate di incident.

Although at di time di commissioner say e no fit confam whether di bomb na from air dem drop am or na blast wey happun from ground.

Some local media report say di explosion fit be botched air strike by di Nigerian military – but dis neva dey independently confam. 

“At di moment sha na about 27 corpses dey confirmed and some wey sustain injuries due to di blast.”

Dis incident happun for Rukubi village inside Doma local goment wey dey for Nasarawa state.

No word yet from Nigeria military

Despite say all fingers dey point to Nigeria military for wetin happun dem neva still comot to tok anything on di mata.

Many reports tok say na case of ‘mistaken identity’ as Nigeria Airforce bin dey track some bandits for di area.

Even for press conference wey im hold on Thursday for Lafia, Nasarawa govnor bin tok say e bin dey in touch with all security agencies regarding wetin happun in order to get di full tori.

Di govnor add say e don meet with several chiefs from di fulani pipo in order to douse tension from di incident.