Kano police tok why dem arrest popular Tiktoker Murja Ibrahim Kunya

Murja Ibrahim Kunya


Kano Police Command don confam di arrest of popular tik-toker Murja Ibrahim Kunya for public disturbance.

Police arrest Murja wey some say na di most popular tik tok pesin across northern Nigeria for Tahir Hotel as she dey try book rooms for her guests wey land Kano state in preparation for her birthday celebration.

Na since September last year Committee of Kano Islamic clerics write to commissioner of police to arrest Murja alongside some oda tik tok creators for videos wey dem dey post wey dem say no dey in line with Islamic teachings and fit corrupt society.

SP Abdullahi Haruna confam di arrest to BBC News Pidgin and say dem dey continue to investigate di issues.

“Yes na true say we arrest Murja and she currently dey wit us at di moment.” Dis na wetin di officer yarn.

Murja contents for Tik tok dey popularq because of di unusual tins she dey do wey some pipo say dey against di conservativeness of northern Nigeria pipo.

Oda times police arrest Tiktokers

Kano court sentence two tiktokers


Dis no be di first time police go arrest Tiktokers sake of some of di contents dem dey post for dia Tiktok accounts.

On Monday, 7 November Magistrate Aminu Gabari sentence Mubarak Muhammad and Nazifi Muhammad wey chop arrest over one video wey concern govnor Abdullahi Ganduje to N10,000 fine, 20 strokes of cane and 30 days of sweeping di court.

Di Tiktokers chop arrest over video dem do on top di app, Tik Tok wia dem accuse Kano state govnor Abdullahi Ganduje of corruption.

Di judge order di flogging to happun immediately inside court premises.

E also rule say dem go pay di fine immediately while di 30 days sweeping go start on Tuesday.

Immediately after di sentencing one staff of di court carry whip enter court and in di presence of everybody including some Tik tokers wey come show solidarity.

Mubarak and Nazifi collect di twenty lashes each.

For July 2022, police for Saudi Arabia bin arrest one popular Egyptian social media influencer on top accuse say she dey post sexual suggestive content.

Tala Safwan, wey get five million followers on TikTok and some 800,000 on YouTube, draw anger online amid claims of say one video she do get lesbian undertones.

But Ms Safwan say dat no be her intention.

Police for di strictly conservative kingdom however tok say di video fit harm public morality. 

Who be Murja Ibrahim Kunya?

Murja dey stay Hotoro area of Kano city and according to her some of her videos for Tik tok no dey show her real personality.

Even though she tok say she complete islamic school, di 24 year old year old no fit complete secondary school before she drop out.

She bin start as Kannywood actress but dat aspect of her life no blow di way she want am.

She gain popularity for tik tok nearly two years ago when she begin do videos miming songs and doing some oda tins.