‘You bury a part of you inside me’ – Nigerian rapper honor wife afta kidney donation

Nigerian rapper and singer, Eedris Abdulkareem, dey trend afta e reveal why im dedicate new song to wife afta e undergo kidney transplant.

Di veteran artist bin reveal say im dey battle wit stage four kidney problem two years ago wia medical experts encourage am to quickly start dialysis and get transplant immediately to save im life.

“Wen doctors break di news to me, I ask dem if e dey possible for dem to get me donor, dem tok say no, e gatz be my family member”

E say na right there im wife, Sekinat ask di doctor if she fit be donor for am.

“I bin dey shocked wen she ask di doctor if she fit begin carry out compatibility test right there and we neva even discuss am before dat time.

Eedris add am say im don always sabi say she go do anytin for am, just like she know say im also fit do anytin for her

“Making a special song for her na one of those tins I dey do to thank her”, e tok about di release of im new single ‘Thank you’.

Eedris say im record plenty song wen im bin dey for recovery but decide to release di new track first to honor im wife.

Dis no be di first song wey im go dedicate to im wife.

Im bin pen an emotional letter to her on im Instagram page afta di surgery

For im interview wit tori pipo for TVC,  Eedris also appreciate pipo wey show am love during di sickness.

How Eedris Abdulkareem kidney palava waka

Myke Pam wey be di chairman of di Rastafari Continental Council (RCC) for Nigeria say di rapper don dey diagnosed wit kidney failure two months before dem make am public.

Di RCC continental tok-tok pesin for Africa say Eedris Abdulkareem bin dey undergo dialysis since dem detect one reputable hospital for Lagos, southwest Nigeria.

Myke Pam say dem suppose do di surgery on 27 July but di health officials bin no dey ready and ask for more time and ask dem to standby for di transplant wey fit take place anytime.

E say Eedris dey undergo dialysis three times weekly and bin dey abide by di doctor directives and required lifestyle changes.

Support from di public

Myke Pam say even though na prayer dem bin ask di public to support wit afta di diagnosis, many pipo show interest to support wit money and dem open GoFundMe account for di rapper.

Na Dede Mabiaku and Marian Agbaje champion di GoFundMe campaign for Eedris Abdulkareem, Myke Pam tok.

Myke Pam say dem hold colloquium for Eedris Abdulkareem for Freedom Park two weeks ago and dem reveal to dem say di GoFundMe bin raise ova 4 million naira.

“We get friends and associate wey rise up to di occasion despite say we no ask dem.

“Nigerians na awesome pipo, we remain very grateful for wetin dem do. We no ask for financial support but Nigerians still come out to help, we dey very appreciative,” Myke Pam tok.

Myke Pam also tank pipo wey reach out to Eedris Abdulkareem and im wife through messages and physical visits.

“We tank all Nigerians of goodwill wey reach out to Eedris and im wife for dis trying times. You no fit quantify dat kind of support. Na big support machine for dem, and we dey forever grateful,” Myke Pam add.

Who be Eedris Abdulkareem?

Eedris Abdukareem dey popular for songs wey dey address political, societal and cultural issues for Nigeria.

Im full name na Eedris Turayo Abdulkareem Ajenifuja.

Dem born Eedris for 1974.

Im perform wit hip-hop and The Remedies from 1997 until dem split for 2002.

Im continue as solo artiste and release di album P.A.S.S. (Pains And Stress Success) for 2002. Later di same year, im release one album wey dem title Mr. Lecturer. Di title track of dat album address sex for grades mata for Nigerian colleges and universities.

E later chop ban from di music scene afta e release one song ‘Jaga jaga’, wia im address issues related to economic hardship and oda tins for di kontri.

For im response to im temporary ban from di music scene for 2005, di ‘Jaga Jaga’ crooner also release anoda album, ‘Letter to Mr President’ wia im address President Obasanjo on corruption mata for di kontri.