Countries wey di men and women national teams dey earn equal pay for football


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Wales men and women senior players go earn di same amount of money for representing dia kontri for di first time for dia history.

Dis na afta Football Association of Wales [FAW] agree deal to allow equal pay come into effect immediately.

Wales men senior team agree to take a 25% pay cut to enable di women team get a 25% rise wey mean parity for representing Wales.

“I dey really happy about di equal pay, dis na about equality,” Wales boss Gemma Grainger explain.

“Together Stronger na our message across di Cymru national teams for us all, both on and off di pitch as we look to put Wales on di world stage,” Na wetin Wales men and women teams tok for joint statement.

“As part of di FAW goal towards equality, we dey proud to announce dis together say, our men and women teams don agree equal pay structure for future international matches.

“We hope say dis go allow future generations of boys and girls to see say equality dey across Welsh international football, dis dey important for society as a whole.”

Di new equal pay agreement go run until 2027.

Wales women neva collect di same pay wit Wales men before for playing international football, but Grainger, wey recently sign one new deal to remain as national team boss until 2027, say she feel say paying her side equally go send a powerful message.

“We want our players to embody Together Stronger, di collabo wit di men team na something we want to continue,” she tell BBC Sport Wales.

“Hopefully dat collabo go continue to grow.

“Equality and making sure say wetin we get here dey equal dey very important to us. Di women game dey grow and e go continue to grow.”

List of countries wey di men and women national team dey earn equal pay for football

Wales don join six oda nations to pay dia players di same international match fee.

See di list of kontries here.

  • United States of America
  • England
  • Brazil
  • Australia
  • Norway
  • New Zealand